Wicked Tuna Cast Net Worth and Salary 2019.

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Wicked Tuna is a reality television series. The series is about fishers based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Their fishing adventure is primarily for commercial purposes in search for Atlantic bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a competitive entity of which the teams of fishermen are out to outsmart one another to see who can catch most of the fish. On the other hand, the show highlights on essential issues surrounding the fate of bluefin tuna. Let’s find out Wicked Tuna cast salary and net worth in 2019.

The teams, led by their respective captains, follow the United States of America regulatory measures regarding the size limits and quotas for the season. The National Geographic Channel renewed wicked Tuna for the sixth season for the apparent reason of being one of their most active franchises. Every day, the commercial fishermen must overcome difficulties in the course of their quest to catch fish. Numerous obstacles stand in the way of hooking a Bluefin Tuna. It is a tiresome task that needs endurance and patience.

Therefore, it is not for the faint-hearted, but for the daring crew that boldly face the difficulties to achieve their goal. The current cast member in this show is Paul Hebert, Dave Marciano, Jason Muenzner, Bill Monte, Blair Deman, Dave Carraro, Donna Monte, Gregory Chorebanian, Kevin Leonowert, Kit Vallee, Ralph Wilkins, Sandro Maniaci, Scot Ferriero, Scott Prentiss, Tyler McLaughlin and TJ Ott. Let us learn a little about each of them and do not forget to check out their net worth.

Wicked Tuna Cast Paul Hebert Net Worth 2019:

Paul started fishing at a very young age. Therefore, he is currently an experienced commercial fisherman as well as a reality TV show star. Paul Hebert net worth is $400,000.

He has starred in the National Geographic reality Tv series Wicked Tuna since 2012. Hebert is the captain of the FV-MISS SAMBUCA. Bruce Hebert is Paul’s brother and his mate as well. He is a third-generation fisherman celebrated for catching the most massive MAKO shark in history.

Paul Hebert

Dave Marciano Net Worth 2019:

He is an active member of Wicked Tuna. Dave Marciano net worth is $500,000. He joined the show in 2012 at its inception. The 52-year-old was born on January 7, 1960, in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Dave is the captain of the ship Hard Merchandise in the show, and his devotion and hard work have put his net worth to where it is today.

His passion for fishing started at the tender age, and with time he gained enough experience that saw him approached to join the Wicked Tuna show. He is married to Nancy since 1990, and they have three children, two daughters, and a son.

Dave Marciano

Jason Muenzner Net Worth 2019:

He was inspired to do fishing by his uncle in the show, Dave Marciano. Jason’s net worth and salary remain unknown, but it is that his earnings are in thousands of dollars. His endurance and fishing skills in water were the reason he was approached to take part in the show.

His uncle, Dave Marciano is his workmate in every fishing expedition. Jason’s date of birth is on July 8, 1988, in Gloucester, Massachusetts and fishing is his profession so far.

Jason Muenzner

Bill Monte Net worth 2019:

He is one of the stars in the reality television show, Wicked Tuna. The show involves commercial fishing adventure and some of the obstacles the crew face while at fishing. He is the captain of the Bounty Hunter, and he has been chasing the Bluefin Tuna for a long time. Married to Donna Monte, a cast member. However, his salary and net worth are still unknown.

Bill Monte

Wicked Tuna cast Blair Denman Net Worth:

Blair Denman is a commercial fisherman and a reality television show personality. Currently, there is no information on his net worth, salary, and his biography.

Dave Carraro Net Worth:

Dave Carraro net worth is $600,000, and his salary per episode is $83,000.He used to fish with his father and his family at a tender age. The reality star was born on 23 April 1968, in Middletown, New Jersey. Besides fishing, Dave is a pilot and reality television personality.

He is part of the cast member in the National Geographic show entitled Wicked Tuna since its inception in 2012. Apart from fishing, Dave owns a charter business, and all these activities increase his wealth.

When he is not fishing, he engages in commercial pilot work and charity work focusing on needy children.

Dave Carraro

Dona Monte Net Worth:

Dona Monte is part of the National Geographic reality series. She is married to Bill Monte for over 30 years, and they work together in the show. The couple owns The Bounty Hunter, one of the few select boats on award-winning display, Wicked Tuna. Her net worth is not known either.

Dona Monte

Gregory Chorebanian Net Worth:

Gregory is a cast member of the TV reality show and a commercial fishing expert. He spends his time on the water, chasing down cod, haddock and bluefin tuna. Unlike the rest, he joined the show because the producer liked his accent. His net worth and other income are unknown for now.

Gregory Chorebanian

Kevin Leonowert Net Worth:

He is a captain, and he owns the Christina Vessel and has been fishing for over 25 years. Kevin is part of the cast in Wicked Tuna show. He was born in 1966 in Massachusetts, and his net worth is $250,000.

Kevin Leonowert

Kit Vallee Net Worth:

Kit Vallee is a commercial fisherman and a reality television star. His salary, net worth, and his private life are unknown. He is a cast member in Wicked Tuna show on National Geographic Channel.

Kit Vallee

Ralph Wilkins Net Worth:

Ralph is also a reality television personality. His income, net worth and private life are unknown. He is one of the stars in Wicked Tuna and a commercial fisherman as well.

Ralph Wilkins

Sandro Maniaci Net Worth:

Captain Sandro Maniaci is an American star in the Wicked Tuna. He is part of the crew set out to fish bluefin tuna. His net worth is $350,000, with an annual salary of $100,00. Maniaci was born in Essex County, Gloucester city in Cape Ann.

During his childhood, Maniaci had the pleasure of fishing in his home where he grew up. However, his breakthrough in life came when he starred in the Wicked Tuna show.

Sandro Maniaci

Tyler McLaughlin Net Worth:

Tyler’s net worth is $400,000. He was born in 1989 in Rye, New Hampshire USA and he is a star in the reality television show, Wicked Tuna. In the show, he’s the Captain of the Pin Wheel.

Success in the fishing career is the most significant source of his income. At a young age, he learned fishing from his father after graduating from Gloucester High School. He won an award as the American Red Cross First Responder Award in 2015  for a heroic rescue he did the previous year.

Tyler McLaughlin

Tj Ott Net Worth:

He poses as captain of the ship named Hot Tuna. Captain Tj Ott net worth is $500,000 with a salary of $100,000 per episode. Most of his earnings come from commercial fishing and the reality television show.

Tj was born and raised in  Broughton the Broad  Channel Island in New York. He comes from a fishing family, and he learned the skills of his father. Tj specialises in catching giant tunas.

He joined the show from the third season, and his hard work has seen a rise in his wealth. Tj Ott loves dogs, and he owns a pair of Rottweiler dogs.


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