Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth Know his current girlfriend and dating life.

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Whitney Sudler-Smith was born on June 2nd, 1968 in Washington DC, the son of the married couple Patricia Altschul and Lon Smith. Know more about Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth in 2019. Also, know more about his current girlfriend and dating life here.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth 

Whitney’s the creator, executive producer, and the main character in the show “Southern Charm.” The show’s first debut was in March 2014 on Bravo. It’s been on for three seasons.

Last season premiered on April 2016. On June 26th, 2017 Bravo announced that there would be another season of Southern Charm.

Later in 2002, he directed another indie film called Torture TV. Sudler-smith released a documentary: “Ultrasuede” in 2012 its revenues were just USD 10.357 and ranked (18.101-18.200) in the All-Time worldwide box office.

Whitney Sudler-Smith’s net worth was estimated to be $2 million only. The net worth might be less than what everybody expects. It’s a little low comparing to the lifestyle shown on the reality TV show “Southern Charm.”

Whitney’s career isn’t prosperous. He directed two small films “going for Baroque” and “Afternoon Delight.” In 1998 his indie film “Bubba and Ike” was released.

The reality star’s net worth is nothing compared to his mother Patricia Altschul(USD 20 million). She is a prominent art dealer, she is a widower to the billionaire Arthur Altschul, and her wealthy lifestyle is pretty apparent.

Lon Smith was Patricia’s first husband. They separated after fourteen years of their marriage, and their son remained their primary concern.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth is $2 Million
Caption:- Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth is $2 Million

Sources of Income:

Sudler-smith’s an actor, filmmaker, Producer, writer, and director. He chose to not to rely on his mother’s colossal wealth and decided to make it on his own. That’s why he moved to Los Angeles and started his career. Whitney’s present most significant source of income is his reality TV show Southern Charm.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Rich lifestyle:

For just 2 million dollars net worth you can’t have a mansion and couple of houses. Whitney’s a savior when they’re not shooting Southern Charm Whitney stays in LA.

He managed to move out of his mum’s place and get his position. Sudler-Smith was raised in a wealthy lifestyle. In Southern Charm, he gives the vibe of “I want to be marked as the cool guy” with the tight pants and the shaggy hairstyle.

Though he ‘s gone through a noticed style evolution, this vibe isn’t coming off. His tweets show that he’s a party guy and loves to show off.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Cars and houses:

Sudler-smith’s own home is located in LA it has a class A view. His house doesn’t catch the eye compared to Patricia’s mansion. It’s the historic Jenkins Mikell house in Charleston which goes back to 1854. Patricia purchased the home for $4.8 million and probably spent twice as that to renew it.

As he received an award from the Preservation Society for his efforts in making the house maintain its integrity.

Whitney tweeted a photo of himself riding a 73 Pantera. But there are no records that show if it’s his car or not.

Whitney Sudler-Smit Girlfriend and Dating life.

Whitney is dating girlfriend Larissa Marolt. Larissa is from Austria. She’s very famous in her country as a Top model and an actress. She’s doing pretty well in both careers as an actress she won a Romy award.

As a model, she won the first season of Austria’s Next Top Model in 2009. Larissa is a lot younger than Whitney, but the couple seems to be happy together.

They met at a dinner party in New York in 2013. The couple appeared together in the last season of Southern Charm. Whitney’s mother seems to like Larissa very much.

The couple broke up, and a new woman appeared in Whitney’s life he introduced a woman named Daisy to his fellow charmers in the show, and they’re still together till now. Daisy also seems like she’s getting Patricia’s approval.

Whitney Sudler-Smith is Dating Larissa Marolt
Caption:- Whitney Sudler-Smith ex-girlfriend, Larissa Marolt


Whitney Sudler-Smith Age, Family, and Wiki-Bio:

Sudler-Smith went to George Town day school, then he graduated from George Washington University, he also studied at Oxford University and the Alliance française in Paris. He was born on June 2nd, 1968 in Washington, D.C. His mother put a lot of thought in his name. His mother wanted it to be unique, and it is there’s no other Whitney-Sudler smith.

Quick Facts

Name Whitney Sudler-Smith
Net worth $2 million
Profession Actor, Film Producer
Girlfriend Daisy
Age 51
Birthdate June 2nd, 1968

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