Misfit Garage Cast Salary and Net Worth.

Misfit garage is an American reality television show aired on Discovery Channel. It features two mechanics fired from Fast N’ Loud in Texas base in Gas Monkey Garage. The main lead cast in the show is Tom Smith, Thomas Weeks and Scott McMillan. The show has been received well in the States, and critics have accredited it as a good show and have so far produced 32 episodes. Check Out Misfit Garage casts’ Net Worth and Salary per episode.

Misfit Garage Thomas Weeks Net Worth and Salary

Thomas Weeks is one of the lead cast in the show. He is an American television actor.  Born and raised in Dallas, Thomas Weeks had had a love for cars since when he was a small child. His father was a military officer and a mechanic, and this encouraged him to be a mechanic, but he was much more fascinated by the car business.

Thomas Weeks appearance in the show of Misfit has led to the growth of his wealth. Thomas Weeks earn a basic pay of $25,000 per episode of the Misfit Garage.

Misfit Garage Thomas Weeks Net Worth is doing soo good and can be estimated to be over $800000. However, this amount is still subject to increment with the production of more episodes.

MisFit Garage Thomas Weeks's Net Worth is $800,000

Caption;- MisFit Garage Thomas Weeks’s Net Worth is $800,000

Tom Smith Net Worth: $500,000

Tom Smith, apart from being a television personality, is also a singer. His appearance in the show of Misfit Garage has done him so well, and he has achieved a considerable amount of success both in his fame and wealth. Tom Smith has been a car fanatic since he was a young boy an always wanted to be a racer.

Tom Smith wealth has increased co considerably with him joining the show of  MisfitGarage.  Before joining the show, he had appeared in other television shows earning him a fortune. What he is currently making per every episode he appears in Misfit garage is roughly $17000. Tom Smith accumulated Net Worth is estimated to be over $0.5 million and still counting.

MisFit Garage Tom Smith Net Worth is $0.5 Million

Caption;- MisFit Garage Tom Smith Net Worth is $0.5 Million

Jordan Butler Net Worth and Salary

Jordan Butler is one of the lead cast in the show aired on Discovery Channels. Just like any other stars, Jordan Buttler has been in love with cars since when he was a small child. As a student in high school, he had already joined drag racing. He is a good mechanic that can restore any car to the desired shape and fabricate.

Jordan Buttler has acquired a lot of success in the show. He had initially worked in other show before he was fired due to a misunderstanding with his bosses and he had been earning something good.

He earns approximately $ 22000 per every episode of the show, and Jordan Butler Net Worth is over $600000 and is subject to growth.

Scot McMillan net worth and salary.

Scott McMillan has always been fascinated by cars since when he was a small boy.  Scott has appeared alongside other notable characters in the show of Misfit Garage for some episodes now, and fans have well received the series.

His earning per every episode is quite commendable. He is making up to $17000 per episode, and Scot McMillian Net Worth has been able to accumulate a wealth of up to $400000. However, his wealth is subject to increment given the fact that he will still appear in other episodes of the show shortly.

Richard Rawlings Net Worth and Salary.

Richard Rawlings has made several appearances in the show of Misfit Garage. The reality star is a successful fellow having to be an entrepreneur before he made a debut on the television show. Born on 30th March 19669, he has achieved a lot of success, and the majority of his money was earned through his extensive and successful business.

Richard Rawlings appearance in the sow only boosted his already rich status. He had been making quite a lot of money in the business world before trying his hand on the television. His monthly earning both from his investments is well over $150000. He also receives $22,000 in his appearance per episode in the show of Misfit Garage. Therefore, Richard Rawlings net worth is over 10 million as per now.

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