Little Couple Net Worth & Salary. Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold Net Worth.

The Little Couple is an American reality television series show. It is about some little people who get married to their fellow little people as they are often called. The little people are all under 4 ft tall, and hence they are just a bunch of comic people to watch. It is a family show involving members of the little people family trying to make a life for themselves.

The main cast in the show is Dr. Jen Arnold, neonatologists, and Bill Klein, a successful business magnate. The show has garnered popularity in the States, and they have fans totaling over a million. They have won hearts of many Americans with their great families and their perfect marriage displayed on the pictures. The show aims at showing the world that despite physical challenges, in this case, skeletal dysplasia, people can still make it in the present world.

Little Couple Net Worth.

The Little Couple crew has earned themselves not only fame but also a fortune for themselves. They have appeared in over 134 episodes since the inception of the show. People all over the states have had a sentimental attachment to the show given their unique characters and their extraordinary ways of managing their families and crises.

The fact that the lead cast in the show had various professions before venturing into the television is a clear indication that the net worth is just awesome. Dr. Jen Arnold, prior to joining the show had been a professional neonatologist who had been working for quite a number of years. Bill Klein, on the other hand, is a successful businessman. Generally, The Cast of little couple net worth is approximately $3 million dollars.

Little Couple Bill Klein Net Worth: 2 Million.

Bill Klein was born on13th October 1973. He is a prominent American Businessman dealing with medical supplies and telemarketing. He is also a reality television show actor who has featured on the famous show called The Little Couple. He is married to his love of life, Dr. Jen Arnold whom he met in 1983 when he was just 10 years old.

He is a father of two children named William and Zoey whom they adopted. The family is in acting trivia together.

Bill Klein Net Worth.

Bill Klein is a rich man. Despite his short physique attributed to dwarfism, Bill Klein has achieved tremendous success in his career. As a businessman, Bill Klein made a fortune. He has been in business for quite a long time, and he has been successful. His entrance into acting was a breakthrough in his career.

He has grown both in fame and financially. Generally, the net worth of Bill Klein is well over $ 2 million. His net worth is still likely to increase given that more episodes are still coming. His show is one of the most viewed shows in the states currently.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold Net Worth: 1 Million.

Jennifer Arnold together with her husband, Bill Klein are the founders of The Little Family show. She was born on10th March 1974, and she is 43 years old.  Jennifer Arnold attended University of Miami and later completed her medical degree at John Hopkins School of Medicine in 2010.

They met in Baltimore Hospital when Bill was just ten years old. Jennifer Arnold is the daughter of David Arnold and Judy Arnold. She is just 97cm in height. She is a neonatologist and has featured in acting with her husband and her family.

Jennifer Arnold Net Worth

Caption:- Jennifer Arnold

Prior to joining the television as an actor, Dr. Jennifer Arnold had worked in various hospitals as a physician. Therefore prior to her debut in the acting industry, she has been making good money for herself. Her enormous success can be attributed to her appearance in the show of  The Little Couple. It increased her net worth tremendously. Little couple Dr. Jennifer Arnold net worth is approximated to be over $1 million. Likewise to her husband, her net worth is subject to increment as she is likely to appear in many more seasons in the coming future.

Zoey Klein Net Worth.

Zoey Klein is the American television personality. She is the adopted daughter of  Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold. She is Indian origin having being adopted from Mumbai India when she was only two years old. She was born on 22nd September 2011 and was raised in an orphanage. She has appeared in the Little Family alongside her father and her mother in many episodes. She also has an adopted brother. In her free time, Zoey loves swimming, horse riding and playing with her brother.

Given that she is still a small girl her net worth remains unknown. Her appearance in the episodes of  The Little Family has earned fame to her family in whole as it shows a perfect small family working together in their day to day activities.

Will Klein

He is the eldest son of Bill Klein and Jen Arnold. He was adopted when he was just three years old from China.  Will Klein has appeared along with his parents and her sister in the show of The Little Couple. As a child in the show with his sister, they complete the set of the couples by injecting in the role of children in the family. He is fascinated by trucks, spending time with his family and playing with her sister.

Just like her sister, we have not been able to establish his net worth.

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