Jersey Shore Cast Net Worth and Salaries 2018

The Jersey shore show hit the screens of MTV on December 3, 2009, and was aired after that for 6 seasons up to 2012. It dogs the footsteps of eight young pals (Paul Delvecchio, Nicole Polizzi, Michael Sorrentino, Samantha Giancola, Ronnie Ortiz Margo, Jennifer Farley, Vinnie Guadagnino, Angelina Pivarnick, Deena Nicole Cortese).The eight pals cohabit a Jersey beach house spending their summer holidays at the Jersey shore in New Jersey Northeastern united states state.

Jersey Shore Cast Net Worth & Salary.

The series became MTV’S most cherished series of all times with the highest ratings. Copies of the show: “Geordia shore” in the UK, Candia shore in Spain, Warsaw shore in Poland and Acapulco shore in Mexico. The original characters are set to come back together for a new series set to kick off this year, “Jersey shore family vacation”.

Most of the allies are now married with kids with Polizzi now having two kids. Followers of the show have now been given the mandate to give a tip about the travel location of the cast during the entire footage of the show, using the hashtag #JS Family vacation.

Paul Delvecchio aka DJ Pauly D Net Worth.

The most successful character in the series was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 5, 1980. He premiered his career as a radio DJ as a fresh high school graduate and later became a club DJ. He hit the screen on the Tv show ” Jersey Shore ” in 2009 and spent three years featuring on the series where he brought into his pocket 150000$ per episode as salary.

He has made use of the show to make himself one of the adored DJs in the planet. DJ Pauly D net worth is currently at an estimate of $15 million acquiring $11million annually Salary from DJing.

Paul Delvecchio Net Worth is $15 Million

Caption:- Paul Delvecchio Net Worth is $15 Million

JWoww Net Worth

Born in Franklin Square, New York Feb 27, 1986, was a nanny and a graphic designer before fame hit her. She featured on ‘Jersey Shore’ reality show in 2009 where she acquired $100k and over for each episode.

She has featured in several reality mainstream shows including moms with attitude in 2015 and Snooki & JWoww. JWoww current estimated net worth is $3-4 million.

Jenny Farley,(JWoww)'s Net Worth is 3.5 Million

Caption:- Jenny Farley,(JWoww)’s Net Worth is 3.5 Million

Mike “The Situation”

His birth date is 4th of July 1982, in Staten Island, Network. Prior to his appearance on the Jersey Shore, he had several minute works, and he also practiced as a model in his homeland, Staten Island.

The show, Jersey shore made him gain fame giving him a chance to feature in several shows (The tonight show, The Jay Leno show, and the Ellen Degeneres show.

He brought in about $5 million from many public approvals, part-time enterprises, and guest Tv appearances. This made him ranked second in the list of highest paid reality characters. His current net worth is at $500 thousand.

Deena Nicole Cortese.

Born on January 12, 1987, she featured in the third season of the Jersey Shore reality shore to fill in the space of Angelina Pivarnic who quit the show after a serious disagreement with her co-star, Snooki. She’s also featured in Snooki and JWoww and on Couples Therapy in 2014. Deena Nicole Cortese estimated net worth is presently at $1 million.

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