Shahs of Sunset Cast Net Worth & Salary.

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Shahs of Sunset is an American reality television series. The series revolves around some Persian American guys in Los Angeles who try to balance their daily lives careers and also fulfilling their demanding family obligations. These guys have busy dating lives and are frequent at party scenes. They also face pressure from their families who want to see them get married and settle as demanded by the traditions. The show is doing so well in the market so as the cast. Here is a summary of the cast of Shahs of Sunset net worth and salaries in 2019.

Mike Shouhed Net Worth is $8 Million.

Mike Shouhed is an American television personality. He was born on12th October 1978 in Tehran, Iran and was raised in California. The reality star was married to Jessica Parido since 2010 but the couple divorced in 2017. He is officially single now according to the recent interview with E! News.

Mike Shouhed has appeared in several episodes of Shahs of Sunset and three seasons. With the positive reception of the show, Mike has made a fortune from the show.  It is rumoured that he earned a whopping $ 100,000 in season four alone. Apart from acting, Mike has also invested in real estate. Shah of Sunset cast Mike Shouhed net worth, in general, is approximately $8 million.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Golnesa Gharachedaghi Net Worth: $10 Million.

Golnesa Gharachedagni is an American television personality. She was born on 27th November 1981 in Los Angeles California. Her father, Mahmoud Gharachedaghi, is an architect while her mother works in a textile and fabric company. She was engaged to Omid Kalantari, but the relationship did not last.

Her appearance in the reality series Shahs of Sunset has made her a famous woman in the television industry. She earns approximately earns $8000 per episode. Apart from the show, Golnesa had made a fortune before entering the show.

The reality star was a member of Olympic in 1996 when she was in high school. She is also an entrepreneur and has made a fortune. Generally, from all the ventures, Golnesa Gharachedaghi net worth is approximated to be $10 million and still counting.


Destiny Rose Net Worth: $700,000

Destiny Rose is the newest member of the Shah Sunset television series. She has appeared in the recently shoot season six of the show. The actress was born in 1981 and has appeared in other television show including Peoples Couch where she gained enormous fame.

Although little is known about the new actor in the show, she has also reaped significant from the industry. The fact that this is not her first time in television enough proves that she has gained a lot. Her salary per episode remains unknown. Generally, Destiny Rose net worth is supposed to be slightly above $700,000.


Destiny Rosenet worth

Shervin Roohparvae Net Worth is $5 Million.

Shervin Roohparvae is a television personality in America and also a well-established entrepreneur. He was born on 21st August 1981 in the United States. His parents emigrated from Iran sometimes before he was born. He was a student for plastic surgery before quitting to venture into the technology business.

Shervin joined Shah Sunset in season five and has been featuring since then. Before joining Shah Sunset, he had already made a fortune in business, and the show was just an added source of income to is already plump pocket.

He makes $100,00 per episode Salary. Shahs of Sunset cast Shervin Roohparvae net worth is generally approximated to be over $5 million.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Reza Farahan Net Worth is $7 Million.

Reza Farahan holds several positions in society. Born on 5th August 1973 in Tehran Iran, Reza is a real estate agent as well as a television personality.

He has appeared in several movies and television shows including Shahs of Sunset, Sharknado, and Yours, Mine & Ours. He married Adam Neely in 2005.

Reza Farahan is a successful guy. The business industry recognizes his role as a real estate agent for many years until he decided to venture into acting, a move that saw him acquire both fame and material wealth.

His appearance in Shah of Sunset since 2012 and other shows boosted his net worth exorbitantly. It is not clear how much he earns per episode, but he is undoubtedly making a kill. Shahs of Sunset cast net worth generally is over $7 million and is subject to increase.

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