Real Housewives of Atlanta Salary, and Net Worth.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta(RHOA) is an American reality television show. The show made its first debut on the screen in 7th October 2008 and mostly focused on women in Atlanta and their daily personal and professional lives. The show has done so well in the united states, and it has produced ten seasons so far and over 197 episodes. Here is a summary of the net worth of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast plus their salaries.

RHOA salary and Net Worth

Real Housewives of Atalanta has done so well in the entertainment industry and has received positive criticism. With the production of more and more episodes, the show has continuously made a fortune. The cast in the show has amassed wealth. The fact that they appear in acting does not hinder them from performing in other business ventures. Generally, the total net worth of the cast in the show is estimated to be over $100 million.

Kandi Burruss salary and Net Worth

Kandi Burrus is an American television personality. She is also a singer and a songwriter. Kandi is also a record producer and a great entrepreneur who has made a significant success in business.

She was born on on17th May 1976. Her appearance in the Real Housewives of Atlanta has boosted her fame and her net worth tremendously. She has also appeared on many other television shows.

Kandi Burrus is a very successful woman. She has made a vast fortune in her diverse careers. Basing the fact that Kandi Burrs has appeared in many shows is a clear indication that she must be making some good cash. As a singer and a songwriter, she has made a big debut in her investment. She is also a producer and must be paid handsomely.

Though we have not been able to establish her salary, she has been in many ventures that have earned her a fortune. She is one of the richest women in the show. Her entrance into the Real Housewives of Atlanta was just a booster to her fat net worth.

Her current earning per episode is just big. Imagine she is making a per-episode salary close to $450000 per show! Well, isn’t that incredible? Her net worth in general from all her ventures now stands at over $30 million, and it is subject to increment.

NeNe Leakes Salary and Net Worth.

Nene Leakes( real name is Linnethia Johnson) is an American television personality born on 13th December 1967 in Queens New York. Her childhood and early growth were spent in Georgia.

She has made a grand appearance on the screen. Apart from being an actress, she is also a presenter, author, and a fashion designer and even a model. Her breakthrough in the acting career came with her appearance in the show of Real Housewives of Atalanta.

Nene Leakes is a rich woman. She has specialized in different fields, and she has made a fortune for herself. She has been in the entertainment industry for long with her first debut appearance as an exotic dancer. Her presence in the Real Housewives of Atlanta skyrocketed her net worth.

In every show, she pockets up to $750,000 per season in her salary, and she has earned over $4 million from the show. RHOA cast Nene Leaks net worth is over $12 million.

Porsha Williams Salary and Net Worth.

The reality television show personality Porsha Williams is quite a unique lady. She held a variety of careers. She is an actress, model, business lady and also a singer.

She was born on 22nd  June 1981 and raised in Atlanta and has spent her entire life there. Her breath came to prominence in 2011 when she married a football star Kordell Steward and her divorce two years later, which received more extensive cover also made her more famous.

Porsha Williams appeared in season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Before joining the show, she had ventured into different other careers that paid her handsomely.

Though we may not be able to determine her salary as at ow, she earns a lot in her different ventures combined. RHOA star Porsha Williams net worth is well over $500000. Her net worth has also grown thanks to her business-oriented characteristics.

Kenya Moore Salary and Net Worth.

Kenya Moore is an American television personality, actress, news anchor, p[roducee and also an entrepreneur. Born on24th January 1971, Kenya Moore attended Wayne State University and got married to Marc Daly.

She has acted on the screen since 1991. She has appeared in several television shows, and movies and her debut in the Real Housewives of Atlanta as the main cast since 2012 to the present was the best show that exposed her prosperous career in acting.

Kenya Moore is just a rich lady. Considering her numerous television shows and movies, she must have made some hefty cash. She is also a business lady and a model all this earning her something big. Her salary from the show is estimated at $ 150000 per episode. Kenya Moore net worth generally is over $1.5 million.

Phaedra Parks Salary and Net Worth.

Phaedra Parks was born on26th October 1973 in Athens, Georgia United States. She is an American television show personality who has appeared in many shows.

She is best known for her role in the television show of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although she has currently quit the show, sources confirm that she might still join the show this year.

Before leaving the show, Phaedra Park had made both a name and a fortune for herself.

The salary that Phaedra Parks used to receive in her appearance per episode is still unknown, but sources privy to her confirm that she was handsomely paid something like $40000 per episode and that might be the reason she is longing to get back to the show. The Real Housewife Of Atlanta Cast Phaedra Parks net worth is $2 million.

Cynthia Bailey, Salary & Net Worth.

Cynthia Bailey is an American reality television star, a model, and an actress. She was born on on19th February 1967. She has appeared in several films and television shows. Cynthia made her first debut in Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2010, and she has been in the show since then. She was married to Thomas Peter but divorced in 2016.

Cynthia Bailey is not as productive as compared to another cast in the show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her net salary per episode is estimated to be $15,000. She has accumulated some right amount of money though, and RHOA Cynthia Bailey Net Worth as at now is assumed to be over $800,000.

Sheree Whitfield Salary and Net Worth.

Sheree Whitfield is an American television personality and an actor. Her date of birth remains a mystery. Born in 1970 in Ohio, Sheree Whitfield has had a rather dark past.

She has been arrested twice for theft, and she gave birth to her daughter when she was only 19. She was once rumored to be dating an inmate. Her appearance in the Real Housewives of Atlanta has boosted her public image.

Sheree Whitfield salary in the show of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is quite low as compared to another cast in the show. She is rumored to be paid $100000 per episode, though unconfirmed. Shree Whitfield Net Worth generally is estimated to be roughly $500000

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