Pablo Escobar’s wife: Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth, Married, Children, Family, Siblings, House, Cars, and Lifestyle.

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Pablo Escobar’s wife, Maria Victoria Henao was born in 1961, in Colombia. Her husband controlled 80% of drug smuggled in the USA as the leader of the Medline cartel. Her family owned the then most significant and most dangerous cocaine terrorism group. She had a tumultuous history of love, drugs, and war. Forbes once named her husband one of the wealthiest men on earth. Then estimated net worth of $30 billion of Pablo Escobar, Maria Victoria Henao had owned a lot in her life, although her present net worth is not known.

Let’s have a look into her life and some other facts about her net worth, family, etc.

Maria Victoria Henao Parents

The details about her parents are not available on the internet. But it is widely known that the Henao parents disapproved of their daughter’s love relationship with Pablo, as he was considered to be from a lower social status. This only forced the pair to flee.

Maria Victoria Henao Relationship status, Spouse

Maria’s older brother was in Pablo’s circles when he was building his empire. Her brother was an essential member of Pablo’s gang, due to which young Maria in her teens used to get chances to meet Pablo. She was 13 then. Later they fell in love and decided to marry. Yes, marriage to the great notorious criminal Pablo Escobar. It’s all about love in the end.

Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo and Pastora Henao Bayern are her two siblings. Parents’ restriction compelled the couple to flee. 27-year-old Pablo married Maria who was just 15 years old then.

Image of Maria Victoria Henao with her husband Pablo Escobar
Maria Victoria Henao with her husband, Pablo Escobar

In 1977 they had their first child, a son named Juan Pablo Escobar. Later in 1984, they were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Manuela Escobar.

Maria enjoyed the luxury of life for 17 years before the tragic end of the notorious Medline cartel boss. The marriage was a success. In 1993 Pablo was shot dead by police.

Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth

Maria led a luxurious and lavish life when her husband was the notorious drug boss in Columbia. With an estimated known net worth of $30 billion, Pablo was considered the wealthiest criminal in history. Now her family has been trying to stay away from attention.

House and Cars in Maria Victoria Henao net worth

Of course, Pablo Escobar owned numerous mansions and cars in different places. Here is a short mention of some of these.

Before US Marshall seized it in 1987, the most famous Miami Beach mansion was worth $100 million when Pablo owned it.

Apart from that other property of Pablo included the Casa Malca mansion, which is now a luxury hotel. In 2012 it was owned by a New York art collector and gallery owner Lio Malca.

The most exciting yet unknown palatial estate owned by Pablo Escobar was in Columbia. It was called as Hacienda Napoles by Pablo and to utter surprise it had a private zoo inside it, which included reconstructed dinosaurs. This place was later converted into a theme park which earns a lot of revenue from visitors now.

About cars, Pablo was a car hoarder. As known to media Pablo owned ten vehicles. These included 1972 Mercedes S600 Pullman, 1964 Porsche 356, Toyota Land Cruiser, 1978 Renault 4, Porsche 935V, etc. But his favorite vehicle was 1964 Porsche 356 which was one of the luxurious sports cars of that time.

Except for these vehicles Pablo owned a jet, in which he used to travel for business and recreation. And along with her husband, Maria enjoyed their lavish properties, house, and cars.

Currently, Maria lives in Bueno Aires with her son and Pablo’s mother, Hermida. She and her whole family maintain a low profile in every sphere of their work.

Maria Victoria Henao Body Measurement | Height and Weight

She is 5 ft 8 inch in height and weighs 53kg.

Maria Victoria Henao Age, birthdate, birthday

Maria Victoria Henao, the wife of Pablo Escobar, was born in 1961 in Columbia. Maria Victoria Henao is 57 years old and is living as the widow of a criminal yet taking care of her children.

Maria Victoria Henao Short Wiki

Maria is a designer and businesswomen.

During his days Pablo had many affairs and mistresses, although being a married man. His relations with the journalist named Virginia Vallejo was most famous among all. Maria had every knowledge of her husband’s illegitimate relationships, but she always supported him. Many say that her unconditional love made her tolerate Pablo’s wrongdoings. Apart from that, she was well aware that she could not take care of her children without her husband. And it was impossible for her to seek help from her family, which she lost long ago.

In her book ‘Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar,’ Virginia wrote about Maria’s addiction to the lavish lifestyle and the drug lord.

Name Maria Victoria Henao
The Birth Year 1961
Birth Place Columbia
Nationality Columbian
Net Worth Unknown
Height 5’8”
Weight 53 kg
Spouse Pablo Escobar
Children Juan and Manuela Escobar

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