Brendan Schaub Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Married, House, Cars, and Body Measurements.

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WWE is not an alien world, it has been an immensely popular sports event of mixed martial arts, and it had produced some masters of the sport. Brendan Schaub is an ex-player of this grand sports event he has a significant fan following and is now a celebrity as well. This article will provide some factual information about him; keep on reading to know everything from his net worth to his career and personal life.

Brendan Peter Schaub a retired mixed martial arts player, host of a web series as well as a comedian based in America inclusive of such versatile talents, he could be aptly said as “jack of all.” He took birth on 18th of March 1983 in Colorado and is popularly known as ‘the hybrid.’ He gained popularity in the year 2008, and after that, it was a long way to go for him from fighting in an extreme mixed martial arts event to hosting some shows and performing stand-up comedy he has done it all.

Brendan Schaub Parents

Brendan took birth and was raised in Colorado. His mother was an English lady Debra, and his father was an American man his name was Peter Schaub. Brendan belongs to Italian, English as well as German descent. He learned varsity lacrosse for two years and varsity football for one year. Due to injuries and other reasons he got no offer from the overland high school as a scholarship while he was reading there. After completing high school, he went to Whittier college, and he got into college’s football club as well. In a significant fight event named “The ultimate fighter” Schaub is in team Rashad, and he was the second pick for the team and third in overall. The whole championship went amazing for him, and he entered into the finale where unfortunately he lost through knocked out in the very first round. He had also won the title of “knockout of the night.”

Brendan Schaub Relationship status; Dating girlfriend or Married

Being a celebrity sportsperson and having an attractive physical appearance Brendan never failed in being popular among ladies. He has dated Ronda Rousey an actress, mixed martial art performer as well as a wrestler. However, the relationship didn’t work out, and eventually, they broke up. After that, he dated gorgeous Joanna Zanella who is also an actress they had a son Tiger Schaub, and the couple could get married soon.

Brendan Schaub Net Worth, Salary, and Source of income

Image of Brendan Schaub net worth
Brendan Schaub net worth is $3 million

Having some professions leads to the different source of income that’s why Brendon earns from sports as well as entertainment industry and endorsing brands is also an add up to that. His net worth is about three million US dollars, and the salary is based on contracts.

House and Cars in Brendan Schaub net worth

Having such a fortune lead Brendon to buy his dream car that he wished to have since he was six years old. It’s true that hard work surely pays off and on his birthday in the year 2015, he became an owner of one of the finest and luxurious car brand Porsche. These things are a significant part of his net worth.

Brendan Schaub Body Measurements | Height and Weight

A sportsperson physical appearance matters a lot, and Brendon is up to the mark. He is fit and has an impressive height of six ft and four inches that sums up to 193 cm and his body weighs about two forty-four laps means one hundred and eleven kg.

How old is Brendan Schaub? Birthday, Birthdate

Brendon was born in the year 1983 on the 18th of March in Colorado. Brendan Schaub current age is thirty-five years. He started the journey at a very young age and had tried his hands in a different type of fields like anchoring, comedy, etc. He lies in the category of celebrities that are involved in a different number of areas.

Brendan Schaub Short Wiki

MMA fighter Brendan Schaub
Mixed Martial Artist and Comedian, Brendan Schaub

So Brendon could be aptly said as an entertainer turned sportsperson. People just love him in “The fighter and the kid” it is a podcast centered focus on mixed martial arts, and he hosts this show. He is also a brown belt holder in Jiu-Jitsu event of Brazil. He is also one of the frequent guests in “The Rogan Experience” it is a comedy show hosted by Joe Rogan. Along with that he also commemorates the events of red carpets for E! entertainment.

Celebrity Full Name Brendan Peter Schaub
Date of birth 18th of March 1983
Age 35
Birthplace Aurora, Colorado
Nationality American
Profession Actor, mixed martial artist, host of a talk show, comedian
Net worth 3 million US dollars
Salary N/A

 Body Measurements and Family

Height 6 ft and 4 inches
Weight 244 lb that stands about 111 kg
Spouse Girlfriend Joanna Zallena
Parents & Children Peter Schaub and Debra, son Tiger

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