Moonshiners Cast Net Worth and Salary.

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Moonshiners is an American reality television show series. It is a documentary rich in drama aired on Discovery Channel. The show is about a group of people who live in the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky and produce their moonshine, which is illegal. The show is generally about a group of people who till hold to their inner cultural beliefs including their right of passage. Here’s a briefing onto the Moonshiners Cast net worth as of 2019.z

Moonshiners Cast Net Worth

The show has been widely received by the viewers in the United States of America. As a result, there has been the production of many episodes as years pass by. The cast of the show has made a fortune, and their net has left tongues wagging. Generally, the net worth of the cast of the Moonshiners is approximated to be over $10 million. The net worth of the show has also improved tremendously over the years and is subject to increment as time, and more episodes are produced.

Steve Tickle Moonshiners Net Worth: $500,000

The appearance of Steve Ray Tickle in the Moonshiners made a considerable impact. Although he made a few appearances in the show, Steve Tickle made a significant amount of cash. His role also was very vital in that the viewers found something new and out of the normal that they were accustomed to.

Although Steve Tickle appeared only on season 3 of the show, his debut not only earned him a fortune but also he met some fans. Steve Tickle choice to keep his personal affairs a private affair has not gone well with his fans but also the enthusiasts of the show. Reliable information says that his appearance on the show earned him a salary of $1 million. This boosted his income. In general, Steve Tickle net worth is approximated to be over $500,000.

Chico Moonshiners Net Worth: $5 Million

Chico who was born in 1945 and has also made an appearance in various episodes of Moonshiners.  In the show Moonshiners, Chico is a professional moonshiner maker and also acts as a hunting guide. For over thirty years, the reality star has made a significant impact on the show as is one of the veteran actors.

Chico likes to keep his private matters checked. He does not divulge his personal information quickly to the public and the media. However, given that the reality star has been appearing in action for more than three decades, his net worth is just great. He has been pocketing the right amount of money per episode.

The net worth of Moonshiner’s Chico is approximated to be over $5 million, and this has been accumulated over many years in the acting industry. It is also whispered that he has invested in real estate. But we cannot confirm that now. Well, that is the story of another day.

Tim Smith Moonshiners Net Worth: $200,000

Tim Smith is the newest cast in the show of Moonshiners. He recently joined the show, and therefore he has appeared in fewer shows, unlike the other cast. However, the audience loved his appearances, which show exceptional talent and dedication to the new actor.

Moonshiners’ Cast Tim Smith Net Worth is estimated to be $ 200,000. However, it is subject to increment as Tim Smith is likely to appear in other episodes and receive a good salary. His role now in the show is a bootlegger.

Jim Tom Moonshiners Net Worth: $200,000

Jim Tom Hedrick has appeared in the reality television series Moonshiners for quite sometimes now. The reality star grew up in Graham North Carolina. He started working with moonshiners at the age of 15 and has been working there since then.

Jim Tom has made a fortune working as the cast member of moonshiners. Jim Tom from Moonshiners net worth is $200,000. He has been able to accumulate the amount of money through working in the moonshiners for a number years, in fact, since he was the age of 15.

However, we might question why Jim Tom’s net worth concerning the years he has been in the show, but this may be attributed to his big appetite for liquor. Though we may not need to question, it is just the opinion of a concerned fan.

Josh Owens Net Worth: $400,000

Josh Owens is a professional wine man. He has featured in Moonshiners for quite sometimes now and has featured in various episodes of the series. He has made a grand debut in the show and his wine according to the show is just great.

Josh Owen is a man of secrets. He has a lot of secrets, and it has become quite hard for us to find out about the salary he receives from the show. However, Josh Owen net worth according to reliable sources is approximately $400000. These amount has been accumulated through the show as he is a great actor is handsomely paid in every episode.

Mark Rodgers Net Worth: $300,000

Mark Rodgers has spent a better part of his life working as a moonshiner. He has been with the moonshines for over 30 years, and he loves his work. Mark Rodgers is a moonshine distiller, the art which he has cultivated for more than 30 years in the field.

Mark Rodgers, just like many other celebrities, is a man of secrets. His private life has been kept out of public scrutiny, and his net worth remains a centre of the debate. However, considering the many years, Mark has been in the file, it is very wise to say that he has made a fortune. Moonshiners Mark Rodgers net worth, therefore, is assumpted to be $300,000 Apart from acting, Mark Rodgers is also a big-time investor.

Mark Ramsey Net Worth: $300,000

Mark Ramsey has appeared in over 55 episodes of the Moonshiners. He has performed with the Moonshiners the inception of the show more than a decade ago. His role is also as a wine distiller, a position he has played quite well by which he preserves the traditional moonshiner traditions.

Apart from working with the Moonshiners, Mark Ramsey has also appeared in other movies. He is a professional actor. His salary, therefore, is quite high as compared to another cast in the show. Generally, Mark Ramsey net Worth is approximately $ 300,000. His net worth is subject to increment, given that he is still active in the industry.

Jeff Waldroup Net Worth: $500,000

Jeff Waldroup has appeared alongside his son in the show of Moonshiners. He is one of the prime distillers in the show who has been accredited with distilling the best wine in the highlands of North Carolina. He is a very ambitious fellow who struggles to keep his wine at a notch higher.

As per his salary, little is known of Jeff Waldroup. He keeps his private matters checked in most cases. However, given his debut and exceptional dedication in the show, Jeff  Waldroup net worth has been approximated to be about $500,000.

Billy Canny Net Worth: $600,000.

Billy Canny has appeared in 59 episodes of the Moonshiners from 2012 to 2016 along with his father Jeff on the Discovery Channel. We cannot tell if he is planning again to appear in the next episodes or not. However, his appearance in the show with his father boosted it a great deal. It portrays a father and his son working together to overcome challenges faced in Moonshiners.

The net worth of Billy Canny, just like any other, remains a mystery. It is nevertheless based on the fact that he has appeared in many episodes of the Moonshiners. He has therefore made a fortune from the show. His net worth, therefore, is approximately $600,000.

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