Danica McKellar Net Worth: Her Married Life with husband Scott Sveslosky after divorce with Mike Verta.

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According to Danica’s Twitter Bio she’s an actress, Math author, Homeschooling mother, Yogini and more so how’s she able to balance it all, Danica has been a star since she was ten years old, so she’s used to the luxurious lifestyle and the superior level of living. As a result, she opted on a more robust career in acting. Find out how much Danica McKeller’s net worth in 2019 is and also, continue reading to find out about her married life and Husband.

Who is Danica McKellar? Her Career Info

Her acting career started when she was ten years old. She had a remodeling job in both directions, acting and writing. McKellar was first known for her role in “The Wonder Years” as Winnie Cooper, a girl that everyone loved. She starred in the TV show for six seasons from (1988-1993)

Other than this from the year 1993 till 2017, she showed up in about 58 TV shows most of them as a guest-star like “The big bang theory” “How I met your mother.” She also starred in about 23 movies and short films like “Scooby-Doo abracadabra Doo” “where hope grows.”

Her latest TV movie in November 2017″ is “coming home for Christmas” was on The Hallmark Channel. Danica’s net worth wasn’t just formed out of her acting career. She wrote four books in mathematics in which she wanted to break the stereotype of Math being a middle and high school hell.

Danica McKellar Net worth: $6 Million

Danica’s work features through her work as an author. Three of her books were ranked children’s best sellers in The New York Times.  Her 1stbook “Math doesn’t suck” was in 2008 whereas her 2ndbook “Kiss my Math: showing pre-Algebra Who’s boss” was in 2009.

The actress’ 3rd book “Hot X: Algebra Exposed” was in 2010. Her last literature, “Girls get curves: Geometry takes shapes” was in 2012.  She’s also having a new book released called “Goodnight Math.”

Danica McKellar Net Worth is $3 Million
Danica McKellar Net Worth is $6 Million

Danica McKellar net worth is estimated to be$6 million.

Danica’s sources of income are acting and writing. Danica managed to keep her success in these different directions. Since she got her degree in Mathematics, you can see clearly that she’s doing great in both careers.

Danica is glad to have a second career in writing besides acting. She expressed that the acting career isn’t stable and full of rejection and unfairness, so it’s better to have something with a fair amount of control on.

Danica McKellar’s Rich lifestyle:

Growing up wealthy, it’s expected to mess up one’s personality, but for her, it didn’t. Her acting career didn’t take her away from education. Her education led her way in her writing career. She’s a devoted mother for her son Draco he’s her priority.

She cares about her looks too and loves to play around with fashion trends. She has a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is her passion and her way to release tension.


Danica McKellar Husband and Married Life. Any Kids?

Danica married her husband, Mike Verta on March 22, 2009. They had a baby boy together named Draco. Sadly that didn’t last for long, as the couple divorced in February 2013.

She stated that the separation from Mike Vetra was the saddest most challenging process her family went through. She later moved on and started dating Scott Sveslosky whom she’s married to now.

They exchanged their vows on November 15th, 2014. Scott also had a child named Hunter from his previous marriage; he was ten when they joined in Holy matrimony. They seem to be having a happy family together, and they didn’t have children of their own yet.


Danica McKellar Age, Family, Siblings, Wiki-Bio

Danica McKeller was born on January 3rd, 1975 in La Jolla, San Diego, California. Her mother, Mahalia, is a homemaker while her father, Christopher, is a real estate developer. She has an elder sister called Crystal, who’s a corporate Lawyer.

Additionally, she also has two half-brothers called Connor and Chris junior. Mckellar studied mathematics at UCLA and earned a bachelor degree in it in 1998. With it came the passion for the subject leading up to her books which form part of her net worth.

Quick Facts

Name Danica McKellar
Net Worth $6 million
Profession Actress, Author, Education Advocate
Spouse Scott Sveslosky
Age 44
Birthdate January 3rd, 1975


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