Alaska The Last Frontier Cast Kilcher Family Net Worth and Salary.

Alaska The Last Frontier, an American reality television series currently at its seventh season and aired on the discovery channel, with it’s shooting location being Fritz Creek Alaska (a place delegated for census collection). It puts a spotlight on the Kilchers (Eve, Eivin, Atz, Jane and Otto) and their industrious activities of tilling their land, catching fish and hunting to assemble supplies for sustenance during the winter. Necessary supplies such as running water, electricity, and communication services are not so much available to the family. Take a look a the net worth of the cast of Alaska The Last Frontier here as well as their salary.

Alaska The Last Frontier Cast Salary & Net worth

The Kilchers have a total of $3.6M in real estate (613 acres in their homestead and a claim over 217 acres in an around the city)holdings with their house accounting for $800,000 of that total. They make an approximated amount of $7,000 -10,000 per episode of the reality television show Alaska The Last Frontier.

The Kilchers net worth is $3.6 exclusive of Jewel Kilcher which remains undisclosed up to date.

Atz Kilcher Net Worth is $7 Million.

The oldest male child in a family of 8, Atz Kilcher was born on September 2, 1947, in Homer, Alaska. Being the oldest, he is the family patriarch. He is talented in singing just like his mom and daughter and plays the guitar perfectly. He is a reality TV character, featuring in Alaska The Last Frontier, aired on the discovery channel.

Atz Kilcherr's Net Worth is $7 Million

Caption:- Atz Kilcher’s Net Worth is $7 Million

In the series, he farms to gather supplies for the sustenance of the family during winter.

Atz Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be currently at $7 Million which he owns conjointly with his lovely wife, Bonnie Kilcher, making him ranked highest-earning character in the series. He also brings in some cash from the family hunting venture.

The actor brings in $350,000 annually salary, with his main channel being the series, Alaska The Last Frontier.

Atz Lee Kilcher Net Worth is $2 Million.

Atz Lee is Husband to Jane Kilcher lives a life of hunting and fishing in the discovery channel’s series: Alaska The Last Frontier to gather supplies for survival during the winter.

He has a talent for stage performance and has displayed many of his videos on You-tube.

Atz Lee Kilcher's Net Worth is $2 Million

Caption:- Atz Lee Kilcher’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Atz Lee has an estimated net worth of $2 million and over with his wife. Atz Lee’s salary per episode from Alaska: The Last Frontier is $20,000.

Eivin Kilcher Net Worth is $2 Million.

Eivin Kilcher, the eldest son of Otto Kilcher and Sharon Mckemie, was born in Alaska on March 6, 1984. He is a married man (to Eve) and a father of 2 (Findlay Kilcher and Sparrow Rose Kilcher.) He has co-authored a recipe book (Homestead kitchen) with his wife Eve.

Eivin Kilcher is a member of the cast of the discovery channel’s series: Alaska, The Last Frontier which has made him gain fame.

Eivin Kilcher's Net Worth is $2 Million

Caption:- Eivin Kilcher’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Evin Kilcher current estimated net worth is at $2M in addition to his salary of $7,000-10,000 per episode which he makes per episode in the reality show.

His career is hunting, and he loves fishing, catching fish and farming through which he gives a hand in food assemblage for his family in preparation for winter.

Eve Kilcher Net Worth is $2.5 Million.

Mother of 2 and wife to Eivin Kilcher, Eve spends a large percentage of her time at the garden. She has a passion for gardening, thus producing a numerous amount of vegetables, enough for use during winter by the Kilchers.

She is featured in the discovery channel’s series Alaska The Last Frontier, is a co-star to her hubby, Eivin.

She’s kept her birth date details undisclosed for unknown or rather personal reasons.

Eve Kilcher's Net Worth is Around $2.5 Million

Caption:- Eve Kilcher’s Net Worth is Around $2.5 Million

Eve Kilcher net worth is estimated to be around 2- 3 million dollars which she brings in from the series and also co-authoring The book, Homestead kitchen with her husband in which they compile friendly and healthy recipes usable by everyone.

Jane Kilcher.

Jane Kilcher was born on September 14, 1974; She is a reality Tv character in Alaska, The Last Frontier.

Jane has unique knowledge on the seas, which is of great benefit to the Kilchers. She’s able to provide her folks with adequate fish throughout winter, a prowess she might have gained while fishing

She loves to play the piano. Jane Kilcher has a net worth of 500,000 dollars estimate and a salary of $15,000 per episode.

Her annual salary is at 250,000 dollars and $20,800 monthly, which she brings in from acting.

Otto Kilcher Net Worth is $4 Million.

The sixth child of Yule and Ruth Kilcher was born on 1952 April 19. Due to his passion for mechanics, he used to fix broken things within his compound at a very young age.

He has been a cow-keeper over the years, thus supplying the Kilchers with quality beef. He is a cherished TV personality and a lead cast of the discovery channel’s series, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

He’s currently married to Charlotte Irene Adamson for over two decades.

Otto Kilcher's Net Worth is $4 Million

Caption:- Otto Kilcher’s Net Worth is $4 Million

Otto Kilcher’s estimated net worth is currently at $4 million which he has accumulated from mechanics (his profession) and also from acting.  Otto’s Salary per episode is $30,000.

Unreliable sources reveal that Otto passed away. However, his death date remains unknown.

Charlotte Kilcher.

She is a Tv personality among the cast members of discovery channel’s series: Alaska The Last Frontier. She is a wife to Otto Kilcher and a mother of 4(August, Torrey, Eivin, and Levi).

Charlotte is a native of northern California and met her hubby Otto in Alaska during her adventures as a wildlife biologist. She was a vegetarian since teenagehood but changed to fit in the Kilchers lifestyle. She’s passionate about nature and animals at large.

As a norm for the Kilchers to be self-sufficient, she majors on poultry keeping (chicken and ducks), beekeeping and cow milking to contribute t an assemblage of food for winter.

Otto Kilcher’s Wife Charlotte Net Worth is $1 million but collectively with her husband Otto Kilcher it sums up to over 5 million which she owns with her hubby Otto Kilcher.

Shane Kilcher.

Shane, the son of Atz Kilcher and his first wife Lenedra Carroll, was born on  May 1971 in Idaho but he was raised in Homer of Alaska.

He is a reality TV star cherished by many for his ability to cheer up people comfortably and has massive numbers of followers.

Shane has a talent for singing which runs in the family. He is married to her co-star Kelli Ware Kilcher whom she met in senior high school.


He acquired necessary survival skills (farming, hunting, cooking, herding, hunting, and carpentry ) which enable him to cope in harsh Alaska. There’s no clear affirmation about Shane’s net worth up to date.

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