Don King net worth, income, houses and lifestyle.

Don King, formally known as Donald, is an American boxing promoter. He is well-known for his works in historic boxing matches. Don King has promoted several boxing legends such as Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, etc.

For twenty years, Don has been one of the best boxing promoters in history. Even though his life is full of lawsuits and controversies, King has continued to succeed in his career as a boxing promoter.

Don has also appeared in a couple of TV shows such as Miami Vice. Get to know more about his career and annual salary.

Net Worth and Income Source.

With a long history of being in the boxing industry, Don King is a boxing promoter legend who made a name for himself back in the days. Today, Don King’s net worth is $150 million. His main source of income came from his job as a boxing promoter.

Don King
Don King’s net worth is $150 million.

Back in 2013, the annual salary for a boxing promoter used to be around $52k. However, for Don King, he received millions of dollars just to set up matches between prominent boxers. Even though King used to receive huge chunks of money, he faced several lawsuits that required him to pay large amounts.

House, Car, Property, Lifestyle.

Once upon a time, Don King used to own a mansion in Palm Beach. Unfortunately, he sold his house to an East Coast family for $33 million. This is not the only property Don put on the market as he reportedly offloaded a few more other houses. At 89 years, the former boxing promoter is now leaving a peaceful private life as a retired man.

Career Highlights.

Back in the ‘80’s Don King served time in prison. After serving almost four years in jail, King was pardoned in 1983. His past life did not stop him from achieving his dreams.

Don King’s first boxing set-up, ‘’The Rumble in the Jungle,’’ was between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. With that single fight, King was able to make ten million dollars.

Soon after, he began setting up other matches between other boxers. Just like that, he became a legend in the industry. Not only was King a boxing promoter, but he was also a concert promoter. In 1984, he worked with The Jacksons during their Victory Tour.

Since the ’90s, he has also been featured on several films such as Tyson, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Ali. Don helped create an X Box 360 video game called ‘’Don King Presents: Prizefighter’’. In 2011, Don King became the publisher of the Call and Post, an African American Weekly Newspaper.

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