Dolan Twins Net Worth, Houses, Cars and Lifestyle.

Originally posted on October 20, 2020 @ 10:39 am

The Dolan Twins are American YouTubers, social influencers, and comedians. The duo is made up of twin brothers, Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan. The twins became popular from their comedy skits on the once-popular app, Vine.

At the peak of their vine career, they had over 6.4 million subscribers. As Vine slowly died off, the twins piggybacked on YouTube.

The move paid off as they have made most of their money thanks to the site. With a jaw-dropping subscribership of 10 million on the site, the Dolans are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Net Worth and Income Sources.

The Dolan Twins have had a successful career as social media personalities and YouTubers. Through their popularity, they have amassed a good fortune.

Together, the Dolan Twins are estimated to be worth about $6 million. Individually, the Dolan Twins are each worth about $3 million.

Their income comes from YouTube earnings and endorsement deals. They also make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their personal merchandise line.

The Dolan Twins’ YouTube channel generates about $4,000 per day. This is based on calculating the money earned per 1,000 views. With a subscribership of 10 million, the channel gets about 700K views daily.

It generates about 2 million annually from ads. The twins also earn money from touring. One of their tours was the 4OU world Tour.

The Dolan Twins each have a net worth of $3 million.

Houses, Cars, Properties, and Lifestyle.

The Dolan Twins have used their hard-earned money to buy some of the finest things in life. To begin with, they bought a huge house two years ago worth $2.15 million. They then gave a house tour to their fans on their YouTube channel.

The house boasts a modern design featuring materials like wood, natural stone, and spacious rooms. Their living room, for example, is 100 square feet of pure luxury. It has a 6-foot fireplace where the twins occasionally make smores. The house also has a fully equipped gym.

Moreover, it features a large backyard and beautiful landscaping. The twins also have high-end luxury cars worth thousands of dollars.

The Dolan Twins love maintaining an active lifestyle to keep fit. They love the gym and we can see from their muscles that it is paying off. Ethan Dolan also loves wrestling and he has even won a wrestling tournament.

Whenever they get the chance, the twins love traveling around the world in luxurious private jets.

Career Highlights.

The Dolan Twins rose to fame from their videos sketches on Vine back in the day. They quickly amassed millions of followers. Their newfound fame earned them a deal with AwesomenessTV in 2015.

After Vine died, the twins turned to YouTube. There, they quickly gained over 10 million subscribers and a fat bank account to boot.

In 2016, the Dolan Twins won two Teen Choice awards for Choice YouTuber and Choice Web Star. The same year they had their successful 4OU tour around the world.

The twins are still going strong and their exploits have expanded to feature endorsement deals and their personal wearable merch.

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