Dennis Quaid Net worth, revenue stream, career highlights and property.

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Dennis Quaid is a renowned American Actor. He is known for starring in well-known movies such as Parents Trap, The Rookie, and Soul Surfer. In 1975, he made his debut on television when he starred in Crazy Mama. After he succeeded in his first film, he continued receiving more roles in various films.

His long career in acting enabled him to receive his Walk of Fame years ago. In a period of twenty-nine years, Dennis Quaid has won seven awards. His last award being in 2016, a Lifetime Achievement Award. Discover more about his net worth and income sources.

Net Worth and Income Source.

As of 2020, Dennis Quaid’s net worth is $40 million. Since the ’80s, he has been collecting decent paychecks from various movie roles. For appearances on television, Dennis Quaid charges anywhere from $ 74k-$150k.

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid’s net worth is $40 million.

According to certain sources, his annual salary is said to be around $1.3 million. This is not taking into account his plethora of endorsement deals and financial packages from lucrative studio deals.

House, Car, Property, Lifestyle.

Where does Dennis Quaid live now? He owns a beautiful house in Austin, Texas, worth $12.5 million. The house is 11,103 square feet with a total of six bedrooms.

Years ago, there were rumors that he had sold his Hollywood mansion for $6.5 million. When it comes to his personal life, Dennis Quaid would rather keep away from the media. It is uncertain what type of cars he has on his driveway.

Career Highlight.

After graduating from college, Dennis Quaid moved to Hollywood to pursue his career in acting. After having a hard time finding jobs, Dennis Finally began receiving roles in various films like Breaking Away. Year after year, he would get casted in multiple movies and TV shows.

Aside from having won several awards, Dennis has also been nominated several times. This shows how much appreciated he is in the acting industry. Below is a list of Awards that Dennis Quaid has won over the years.

  • 1987- Best Lead Actor in Valladolid International Film Festival.
  • 1988- Best Male Lead in the Independent Spirit Awards.
  • 2002-Best Supporting Actor in the New York Film Critics Circle.
  • 2003- Best Supporting Male in the Independent Spirit Awards.
  • 2003- Best Supporting Actor in the Online Film Critic Society.
  • 2016- Lifetime Achievement Award in the Houston Film Critics Society.

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