Ynw Melly’s net worth, income, and career highlights.

Originally posted on October 17, 2020 @ 3:08 pm

Jamell Maurice Demons is an American Rapper and Songwriter famously known by his alias Ynw Melly. He is well-known for his hit songs: Mama Cry, Mixed Personalities, 772 Love, etc.

Ynw Melly began being popular in the rap industry after his debut album, Melly vs. Melvin. However, he has always been criticized for his extreme violent lyrics.

Unfortunately, his career is currently on the line since he was recently charged with first-degree murder. Discover more about Ynw Melly’s net worth and income sources.

Net worth and Income Sources.

With his successful mixtapes, singles, and albums, Ynw Melly has been earning millions even while facing life imprisonment. According to various sources, Ynw Melly is estimated to have a net worth of $7.4 million.

His main source of income is from his music career. On YouTube, Ynw Melly has 4.8 million subscribers and a total of almost 1 billion views. Monthly, we can say that he earns a couple of thousands only from YouTube.

Ynw Melly
Ynw Melly’s net worth is $7.4 million.

House, Cars, Properties, Lifestyle.

Where does Ynw Melly live? According to his biography, he grew up in a dangerous neighborhood in Florida. Unfortunately, we were not able to obtain any information regarding his house and lifestyle. Looking at his social media accounts, Ynw Melly has a couple of luxurious car pictures.

Career Highlights.

Ynw Melly has been interested in music right from a young age. At 17 years old, he released his first project known as “Collect Call,” which featured artists like John Wicks and Lil B. Back then, Ynw Melly was still imprisoned for weapon charges.

In 2018, Ynw Melly released singles: Melly the Menace, 4 Real, Medium Fries, and others. All the singles mentioned above have over ten million YouTube viewers.

In August the same year, he released his first mixtape, “I am You,” which was number 192 on the Billboard 200. 2018 seemed to be his year of breakthrough. Ynw Melly was featured as “Hottest New Creators” on Radar’s Station List.

Early last year, while Ynw Melly was incarcerated for the second time, he released his second mixtape, “We All Shine.” His second mixtape featured famous artists such as Kanye West. Ynw Melly’s first album, Melly vs. Melvin, peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200.

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