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Steven Victor Tallarico goes by the stage name, Steven Tyler. He is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and TV personality. Steven Tyler is best recognized as the former lead singer of the 70’s band, Aerosmith. Besides being the lead singer of the group, he also played instruments such as percussion, harmonica, and piano.

Back then, he was given the nickname ‘Demon of screaming’ due to his high vocal range and screams. In 2011, he won an Outstanding Performer Award in the film, The Wonder Pets: Adventures in Wonderland. Learn more about Steven Tyler’s Net Worth and Career.

Net Worth and Income Source.

Having begun his music career back in the ’70s, Steven Tyler ought to be a legend worth millions today. Indeed he is, as of 2020, he is worth $130 million. Steven Tyler’s music has been a big cause of his successful career over the years, followed by his acting and TV personality.

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler’s net worth is $130 million.

Apart from Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has been in other bands such as Chain Reaction, Ringo Starr, King of Chaos, and His All-Star Band. This doubled his salary even more. You may have forgotten that Steven Tyler was also one of the judges of American Idols from season ten to eleven.

His salary began with $10 million per season before his management asked for a raise. Eventually, he received $17.5 million.

House, Cars, Properties, Lifestyle.

In 2011, Tyler bought a mansion worth $1.3 million in Los Angeles, California. He also owns a beach house in Maui, which he purchased at $4.8 million. His third home is located in Massachusetts within a very lavish estate.

Coming to his car collection, Steven Tyler has been a lover of motorcycles for life. He currently owns Red Wing Motorcycles and owns the world’s fastest convertible, The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. Finally, like any other respectable millionaire, Steven also owns a private jet.

Career Highlights.

From 1970-1978, Steven Tyler gave his all to the rock band, Aerosmith. After Steven’s fall due to drug addiction years ago, he rose back into stardom and made more tracks, the bulk of which went on to be big hits. Steven Tyler collaborated with other artists such as Bob Marley, Alice Cooper, Pink, Eminem, and other famous artists.

Not only did he succeed as a musician, but he also grew in the film industry. Steven Tyler has been on many TV shows such as Two and a Half Men, Top Gear, The Simpsons, Miss Universe 2013, and many others.

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