RZA Net Worth 2018: House, Cars.

You can call him Steelz, The Rzarector, The Abbot, Bobby Digital, Prince Dynamite or RZA all these nicknames and only one man for them he’s RZA the American rapper and here’s a look at his life. Let’s Check Out RZA Net Worth in 2018. Also, You’ll get to know more about his house and cars. Stay tuned and find about his wife and married life too.

Net Worth in 2018:

His net worth was estimated to be $18 million in 2013, and in 2018 with a high-level career, RZA net worth in 2018 is estimated to be $20 million. The RZA wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. On the contrary, he was born in Brooklyn neighborhoods in a difficult environment.

He made it to the top by becoming a rapper and a producer which is the main source of his huge Net worth. In 2017 he was the songwriter in 3 episodes of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

RZA Net Worth is Estimated Around $20 Million

RZA Net Worth is Estimated Around $20 Million

He wrote “protect ya neck “for the TV mini-series The Defenders, also wrote “All I need” for Fist Fight. He was a voice in The Simpsons “The great phatsby” Part 1&2. He was swimming in Snow Fall.

He’s the composer of the movie “Roxanne Roxanne,” And he’s filming for Life in a year to be displayed in 2018. Also, he’s a role in Vengeance a Post-Production in 2018. He’s the executive producer of Cracka a Post-Production in 2018.

Sources of income to add to his net worth:

RZA’s sources of income are Rapping, Songwriting, Producing, Acting, Directing and other businesses

Rapping is the first source of income since it’s been his dream since he was just a little kid. He planted the seeds for The Wu-Tang clan and produced nearly all of their albums and Songs he’s the executive producer of about 33 albums.

The Wu-Tang Clan albums sold about 6.5 million of copies in The US and about 40 million records Worldwide.

RZA is a multi-talent super star

Caption:- RZA is a multi-talent superstar

Source:- Nerdist

The RZA also made it in the filming industry. He appeared in about 12 movies most known are “G.I.Joe Retaliation”¬† “American Gangster” “Ghost Dog” he also Directed and appeared in “The man with the Iron Fist” which was released in 2012 fall.

Cars and Houses:

Let’s talk reality for someone whose net worth is 20 million he’s got to have more than one car. In an interview, he stated that he drives a Hummer also he got a couple of Porsches and trucks.

And for his house he currently resides in New Jersey the exact location is not provided, but in there was a report of a double stabbing incident at the Millstone house of his, and the property record showed that it’s a 7943 sqft house that sets far back in the woods of Deer Trail Drive.

RZA have numbers of car and very rich lifestyle.

Caption:-RZA have numbers of car and very rich lifestyle.

And he stated that he has a house in California that’s about 4.200 sqft and also a guest house that’s about 1800 sqft and a crib that worth $4 million.

Married life and Wife

The RZA married twice, first time to Ebony Mills in 2000 till 2006. Later in 29th August 2009 he married TalaniRabb till now, The RZA has four children and in an interview he expressed that his regret is having these four from different women 3 of them in different US states and one in Trinidad, though he’s providing them financially they’re not provided with¬† the father time they deserve.

RZA with his Wife Talani Rabb

Caption:- RZA with his Wife, Talani Rabb

Source:- Youtube

Rich Lifestyle:

Although The RZA is enjoying a high level of Lifestyle huge net worth, promising rich career, it didn’t spoil his personality. The RZA isn’t the kind of rapper who goes around spending money in nightclubs. On the contrary, he stated that all of his money goes to his family and Studios. The RZA has a sophisticated mind, hobbies, and beliefs.

His hobbies are Playing Chess, watching martial arts films which he’s considered an “Encyclopedia” for, and playing the guitar. As for his beliefs he read lots of religious books, in fact, he stated that the books that changed him are The Quran, The Bible, and The Lotus Sutra.

Short bio:

His full name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. He was born on July 5th, 1969, in Brownsville, Brooklyn. His mother named him after Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy.

RZA’s childhood wasn’t stable from the age three to seven he lived with his uncle in North Carolina later he went to live with his mum in 1990 in Ohio.

His mum was a single mother which made him realize lots of responsibilities at a young age; he used to go to Pittsburgh on the weekends to his father’s store.

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