Ronnie DeVoe Net Worth.

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Here is another famous rapper from Massachusetts named Ronald Boyd aka “Ronnie” DeVoe Jr. He also goes by R.D, Ronnie D, Ron, and big Ron. The rapper is one of the six members of the R & B/ pop group, New edition, and is also a part of the well-known R & B/ hip hop group Bell Biv DeVoe.

Moreover, he was the second last member of the New Edition Band. In 1981, during a reality show, the group secured a second-place which caught many people’s eyes. One of the record producers got impressed by their performance and immediately signed them for his Streetwise record label. Here’s  Ronnie Devoe’s net worth

Ronnie DeVoe Parents.

Ronnie DeVoe was born in Roxbury to Florence and Ronald DeVoe. Initially, he first worked in the dramatics which saw the members of the New Edition recruit him.

The rapper was introduced to a New Edition by his uncle Brooke Payne who was the choreographer of the group. Reports have it that Ronnie was a book worm, and his mother worried about it. When he joined the group, his mother used to say that he couldn’t dance but later found his interest and talent in dance.

The rapper also choreographed some of the songs of the group and is currently is one of its best dancers.

Ronnie DeVoe Net worth $500K.

The net worth of Ronnie DeVoe is $500 thousand.

Image of Rapper, Ronnie De Voe net worth is $500,000
Rapper, Ronnie DeVoe net worth is $500,000

A person with a net worth of $500 thousand, will surely have one of the most luxurious houses. It is an obvious thing that he would be leading a very luxurious life.

Moreover, his lifestyle will undoubtedly be a comfortable and luxurious one. There is no doubt in the fact that he will have the most branded cars.

Image of Singer, Ronnie De Voe house
Singer, Ronnie De Voe house

According to reports, the rapper lives in a five-bedroom mansion in Mableton, Ga located west of Atlanta. The place sports five bathrooms and a pool all to the tune of $535K. Isn’t it ironic how DeVoe’s house is worth more than his net worth? Regardless, there are no details regarding his cars

Ronnie Devoe Relationship status.

Ronnie tied the knot with Shamari Fears. The pair got married in the year 2006. Shamari Fears is well known as the lead singer of the band Blaque which is a full girls’ band highly popular in the 1990s. The group got attention on the release of their song “Bring It all to me.

Image of Ronnie De voe with his wife Shamari Fears
Ronnie DeVoe with his wife Shamari Fears

This song became a hit even though it was their second debut album. The band later disappeared before anyone could notice but organized for a reunion in the year 2012. Unfortunately, the plans got canceled due to the sudden death of one of the members, Reed. Reed died when a car hit him in Atlanta on October 26, 2012.

Body measurements:

The exact height of Ronnie DeVoe is 183 meters, i.e., approximately 6 feet. He looks fit and stands very tall. Moreover, he also weighs nearly 60 kgs, and looks fit in appearance.

Ronnie DeVoe Age:

The rapper was born on 17 November 1967 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He is currently 50 years old.

About Ronnie DeVoe.

Ronnie DeVoe is the fifth member of the New Edition. He was introduced by his uncle, Brooke Payne to the group. Initially, his mother was worried as she thought he was not good at dancing.

However, she later found out that he was one among the best dancers of the group and also choreographed a few moves for the group. Regardless, after the album Heartbreak, the group split up, and he joined Bel Biv Deo. Similarly, he also choreographed for them and doubled down as an excellent solo performer.

Recent news has it that the New Edition team will reunite and release albums plus tour together. He tied the knot with Shamari Fears who is also a lead singer of the R&B group, Blaque. They got married in the year 2006 and were blessed with twin boys Ronnie III and Roman in 2017. Ronnie DeVoe has a net worth of $500 thousand.

Ronnie DeVoe Quick Info.

NAME Ronnie DeVoe
DATE OF BIRTH 16 November 1967
AGE 50 years
BIRTHPLACE Roxbury, Massachusetts
NET WORTH $500 thousand
HEIGHT 183 cm, i.e., nearly 6 feet
WIFE/ SPOUSE Shamari De Voe
CHILDREN Ronnie III and Roman
PARENTS Florence and Ronald De Voe
WEIGHT 60 kgs

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