Rob Dyrdek Net Worth.

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Who’d have thought professional skateboarding could be as lucrative as it is today? Well, Rob Dyrdek did and had dreamed of it ever since he was a kid. Now at age 44, he’s making millions off of it. However, that’s not the only source of income for the talented skateboarder. He is also adept in finding other means such as reality television and many more. That said, lets quickly review Rob Dyrdek’s net worth and career flow as per current times.

Who is Rob Dyrdek? His Career Info.

The reality tv star’s birth certificate reads Robert Stanley Dyrdek, born in Kettering, Ohio on June 28th, 1974. As long as memory serves him, he had always been passionate about skateboarding. By the time he hit 12, Dyrdek was well on his way for a sponsorship deal. However, he stepped out of his comfort zone and started his own company, Alien Workshop, in partnership with his mentor, Neil Blender.

Rob quit school at the age of 16 to focus on skateboarding as a career. He even moved to Southern California in pursuit of his dreams and landed a brand deal with Droors Clothing. The line was later rebranded into DC Shoes and upheld the contract until 2016.

Right around the same time, MTV agents approached the rising star and offered him a chance to star in his reality series. It had the title, Rob & Big and even featured his bodyguard/best friend, his sister, and cousins.

Since then Rob expanded his horizon into more reality shows, film production, a few hobbies, and some philanthropic work. Moreover, he also built a business plan with Orion Trucks that boosted his net worth and name, landing him even more endorsements.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth in 2019. $50 Million.

Reputable sources are keen on putting Rob Dyrdek’s net worth estimations at $50 million. This value is of course after keen assessment of all his sources forms skateboarding career down to television roles. Let’s not forget his partnership deals with various companies kind of, opening his eyes into businesses.

Did you know that Dyrdek once founded a hip hop record label? Other sources include his investments in UFC, Beach Whiskey, Beatbox Beverages and co-founding Black Feather Whiskey. Moreover, he took it upon himself to indulge in a money-making hobby in horse racing by owning over a dozen stallions. He also created Nickelodeons animated series, Wild Grinders.

Work Highlight

To start with, Rob left behind a legacy by founding the Street League Skateboarding. The initiative was a bid to nurture and rear street talent in a competitive series of event that would map the winner to international recognition.

Moreover, he is also famous for Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. It was a reality show based on the skateboarder’s personal life mixed while showing us how he gets things done around the office. Consequently, after tinkering in filmography for a while, the reality star made a movie called Street Dreams in 2009.

Nevertheless, if that still doesn’t put his name on the map, then the following will. The Guinness Book of World records recognized a total of twenty-one record-breaking entries by the actor. However, in as much as new players surpassed the feats he established, he’s still the one who set the bar to inspire others.

House and Cars Details.

If you thought Rob gets always gets around on his skateboard, then you’re wrong. He cruises the streets with a fleet of cars ranging from a 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti to a Honda Civic. Moreover, Dyrdek also owns a 69 Camaro, Bentley Continental GT, and A T-Rex.

He parks most of them in his Los Angeles home boasting of 4706 square feet. The modern home has high ceilings with five bedrooms, each fitted with their bathrooms. Consequently, the reality star also bought another house in Hollywood Hills with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a pool area. Talk about living life!

Quick Info.

Name Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Net worth $50 million
Profession Professional Skateboarder, Television personality, film producer, entrepreneur
Spouse Bryiana Noelle Flores
Age 44
Birthdate June 28th, 1974

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