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There are constantly stories about a famous hip hop artist, every step of their life is monitored and sometimes I think we know more about them than they do about himself. Funny, isn’t it? And what about the performers who are popular, but not from the USA? Well, it’s time that I mention these people because they are so much less popular, they just don’t live in a country that is the largest exporter of hip hop music. This time it is a performer who comes from the African continent, Olamide Adedeji.

What is Olamide Adedeji net worth?

$12.5 Million

By some estimates for the 6 years of his musical career, Olamide incomes were about $ 12.5 million and his wealth is estimated to this figure. When the word is about a young musician who’s rating in his country, and further is not decreasing but increasing, we can only guess what will be his account balance in the future.

Source of income

Olamide made the most of his revenue through music. In 2013 he signed with Telecommunications company Etisalat to be their brand ambassadors side to side with Ice Prince and the deal was worth hundreds of millions of naira. The deal is still on till date.

Olamide Adedeji signed contract with Telecommunications Company Etisalat to be their brand ambassadors

Caption: Olamide Adedeji signed contract with Telecommunications Company Etisalat to be their brand ambassadors

Source: Nollywood Gists

Olamide was the first Nigerian artist to sign with the international premium vodka company and a source says the deal is worth more than 40 million. 2013 was such a good year for Olamide as he closed another endorsement deal with Guinness-the deal is worth several millions of naira. Since his popularity is growing, his performance per show is bringing him an income of about 3 million. I know many people don’t think of that as much because they have no idea what the value of the Nigerian currency is, so I’ll give you a hint, and you calculate the earnings alone. USD 1 = 315 NGN (Naira)

House, cars and other properties in Olamide net worth

And now let’s take a look on what Olamide is enjoying a life of the Nigerian top stars. Like many who can afford a lot of things, Olamide loves luxury and let’s see what kind:

  • Toyota Camry which costs 4 million Naira
  • Range Rover Sports for about 15 million Naira and two of them
  • Mercedes Benz G Class for about 23 million Naira (so called G-Wagon)
Olamide Adedeji cars

Caption: Olamide Adedeji cars

Source: Naij

Olamide loves luxurious villas and has 2 in Nigeria. One in Lagos, and the other on the island Lekki. Villa in Lagos costs about 20000 USD, which is a small price for the USA, but believe me, the people of Nigeria cannot afford it. Such houses in the USA cost millions of dollars. His houses have several floors, equipped with several rooms, a bathroom, a place of relaxation and leisure pool. Currently, he lives in a house in Lagos with his girlfriend Baby Mama.

But what about the house in Lagos, which is one of the most luxurious in Nigeria and costs for Nigerians, a staggering 70 million Naira.

Olamide Adedeji house

Caption: Olamide Adedeji house

Source: Celebfresh

Olamide net worth by years (2013 – 2017)

Olamide has earned in the past 4 years, most of his wealth. I have already mentioned in the previous section, but it does not hurt to say it again.

  • 2013. Earnings have been around a couple of hundred million Naira or called about a million USD. And so it all began.
  • 2014, this figure is multiplied, and we assume that this trend will continue. Various sponsorship contracts with various brands such as Ciroc Vodka, talk shows are increased and he increases his balance from year to year.
  • 2015. Up until now, no one knows the exact amount of salary per year, but it is known, and we have already mentioned, the current balance is $ 12.5 million.

Olamide rich lifestyle


Caption: Olamide popular video song “Stupid Love”

Olamide is a king at making ‘razz’ cool. His ‘street-lifestyle’ makes people identify with him, making his name a household name.

Because of his ‘local’ nature, Olamide’s slang always takes over the streets. One notable example is: ‘Leave Thrash for LAWMA’; which he said when he had a feud with Mavin’s Don Jazzy.

His role models are Abacha, Obasanjo ,Jay Z.

Olamide short bio

Popular Nigerian musician known as Olamide Baddo was born on 15/03/1989 in Nigeria in Barriga. He is on the music scene since 2011, which began as a street hip hopper and since then has released 6 albums hip hop majority of the Yoruba language.

  1. Rapsodi 2011
  2. YBNL 2012
  3. Baddest Guy Ever Liveth 2013
  4. Street OT 2014
  5. Eyan Mayweather 2015
  6. The Glory 2016
  7. And one mmixed album 2015 called 2 Kings which he made with Phyno


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