Magnus Carlsen Net Worth, Houses, Cars, and Lifestyle.

Originally posted on November 1, 2020 @ 11:28 am

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess champion. He is the current World Chess Champion, World Blitz Chess Champion, World Rapid Chess Champion.

He is the number one player in the world and has the enviable title of Chess Grandmaster. Magnus got the title when he was 13 years old after he beat Viswanathan Anand. Moreover, he has the highest rating of 2882 in chess-playing history.

Carlsen won the Norwegian Chess Championship when he was just 15 years old. When he was 18 years, he became number one in the FIDE world rankings.

Read our article to find out details on his net worth and lifestyle details.

Net Worth and Income Sources.

Magnus Carlsen is, without doubt, the most successful professional chess player to ever walk the planet to date. Consequently, he has had many money-making opportunities knocking on his door.

Magnus Carlsen’s net worth is $12 million.

He has made his wealth from his earnings from winning chess games. To illustrate, he is said to earn about $1 million annually from chess competitions.

Additionally, he also makes a lot of money from brand deals; for example the clothing line, G-Star Raw pays him a lot of money to represent their brand. Various sponsors like Microsoft also bag him some good cash.

Magnus also started a software company named Play Magnus AS. The company has made the app for mobile chess. The app has about 3 million downloads. The company merged with in 2019.  Magnus got $13.5 million from a round of investment in early 2020 for Play Magnus AS. Consequently, the value of his company went up.

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth Chess
Magnus Carlsen is worth $12 million.

Houses, Cars, Properties, and Lifestyle.

Magnus Carlsen is living on the first lane thanks to a successful chess career and a large bank balance to boot.

In 2015, he purchased a luxurious mansion in Holmenkollen in West Oslo, Norway.

The house is surrounded by breathtaking views. On one side, it overlooks the northern woodlands called Nordmarka. On the other side, it faces Bogstadvannet Lake and Lake Oslofjord.

The house boasts six bedrooms and luxurious finishes consisting of wood and marble. Magnus’s favorite thing in his house is a hammock on the balcony on the side facing the woodlands.

Additionally, Carlsen also owns a flat in the city which he uses sometimes. He also drives around in luxury cars. He has been spotted in a Lamborghini supercar a few times.

Career Highlights.

Magnus Carlsen was destined for greatness from the get-go. His dad taught him how to play chess and he would compete with his sisters.

He was coached by the Grandmasters, Simen Agdestein, and Ringdal Hansen. In September 2000, he beat the top players in the junior Norwegian championship.

In 2003, he led in the World Under-12 Championship that was held in Heraklion. One year later, Carlsen led the Corus Chess Tournament with a PR of 2702 just at 13 years of age.

Magnus won the Norwegian Chess Championship in 2007. By 2008, he had the highest ranking of 2800 in the world and at 19 years he led the FIDE world rankings.

In 2013, he became World Chess Champion. Carlsen then won the World Blitz Championship and World Rapid Championship in 2014.

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