Jake Paul Net Worth, Career, House and car

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Jake Paul is the younger brother of YouTube famed star, Logan Paul. Just like his older sibling, he is also an internet personality and significant influencer among the youth. If you thought Justin Bieber’s endless teenage controversies were bad, wait till you read about this. However, on a slightly different tone, there is some good to the YouTube star, and we’ll tell you all about it then let you judge for yourself. But first, let’s talk about Paul’s Career, Net worth and financial stand as at 2019 in details.

Who is Jake Paul? His Career Info

At a personal level, Jake is the son of Gregory Allan and Pamela Allan Paul. Professionally, he is a former actor, YouTube sensation and internet personality who has been active since 2013. The world first met Jake through his six-second antics on the favorite video social network Vine.

He had taken the world by storm with a massive following of 5.3 million loyal fans who followed him to YouTube after Vine shutdown. The Disney Channel had also seen his potential and offered him an acting job in their series Bizaardvark as Dirk Mann.

Image of Jake Paul from TV series, Bizaardvark
Jake Paul from TV series, Bizaardvark

However, following several controversial stunts like getting sued by his neighbors for noise disturbances and misconduct, the company fired him. The lawsuit saw him pay $2.5 million which didn’t sit well with his net worth figure.

Since then, Jake resorted to making YouTube videos and building his brand. He formed a group called Team 10 with other famous stars like Tessa Brooks, Alissa Violet and more as a marketing agency. They even got brands like Sound Ventures, Vayner Capital and more to sponsor their cause.

Work Highlight

After Vine, YouTube has been Jake’s leading platform with 18 Million subscribers. The YouTube sensation went on to release videos like Lyin’ Ryan, Zayn: Pillowtalk Parody and It’s Everyday Bro which so far has the most views at 237 million and rising. It’s also the third-most disliked video on the platform.

While at Disney, he won the Teen Choice Awards as Choice YouTuber and Music Webstar of 2017. Aside from that, the actor has also appeared in TV series like Knights of Mayhem and Bad Weather Films. Paul is also a performer and can be seen in the series, The Monday Beast as well as Everything Wrong with Jake Paul.

Image of Jake Paul with his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell
Jake Paul with his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell

Nonetheless, perhaps the most diabolical stunt he has ever pulled is releasing an explicit YouTube video titled, ‘I lost my Virginity.’ It co-starred his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell in compromising positions and nudity which didn’t go well for his subscribers. Couple that with the video that TMZ leaked where he explicitly used the words ‘little ass nigga’ could give an idea of the number of subscribers he lost.

Jake Paul Net worth 2019

Without a fan base to work on, the YouTuber’s career could bite the dust. Luckily for him, his fans never tire of the crazy comedy he uploads. That said, Jake Paul’s net worth rose to approximately $8 million after a few years of Vlogging.

Image of TV actor, Jake Paul net worth is $8 million
TV actor, Jake Paul net worth is $8 million

For a time, Google’s Adsense would pay him as a content creator until brand sponsors took up the role. They raised $1 million to fund for his ideas in marketing as an influencer with Team 10. He now earns a considerable amount as the salary that’s still unknown.

House and Cars Details

After leaking his home address to the public; not to mention the heat he got from his neighbors and his former landlord, it was time the actor got a new place. In November 2017, the former Disney Star purchased a new residence in Calabasas, California worth $7 million.

Looks like he learned a thing or two from his past mistakes as there are no leaks regarding the property this time around. However, he likes to show off the garage that houses his blue Lamborghini Aventador, a Tesla, Ferrari, and a BMW. All these form part of his assets which ultimately reflect on the actor’s net worth.

Image of Jake Paul car
Jake Paul car

Quick Info

Name Jake Joseph Paul
Net worth $8 million
Profession Internet Sensation, Actor
Ex-Girlfriend Erika Costell
Age 22
Birthdate January 17th, 1997

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