HodgeTwins Net Worth: How Much Does Keith and Kevin Hodge Make?

Kevin and Keith Hodge are the twins who were both born on September 17, 1975, in Virginia, meaning that they are 42 years old.Being the UK entertainers Keith and Kevin had a higher sense of humor thus passionate about making people laugh while at the same time entertaining them. They own a Fitness YouTube channel called HodgeTwins and Twinmuscleworkout that gives fitness and workout tips.

The two didn’t move directly into the entertainment. They first ventured into a white collar industry in finance at the US Marine Corps before leaving in 2008 to join the entertainment industry.The comedic chemistry between the two brothers Keith and Kevin Hodge is undeniable. After all, they have shared a womb

Hodgetwins Keith and Kevin net worth: $4 Million

Hodgetwins is a YouTube channel owned by these identical twins which was launched back in 2008, being a fitness Youtube channel. It got popular after the two had uploaded a video titled “All kinds of gains”. The Hodges also have a number of channels on YouTube such as TwinMuscle, AskHodgeTwins, and Hodgetwinsvlogs. In their channel, HodgeTwins, they mainly do videos of them voicing their opinions on the current events and trending news. The channel has a total of 1.2 million subscribers as of 2017. It is true that people enjoy their unique interaction, comedic phrases, and their sense of humor. This has enabled it to accumulate over 250 million views so far. In a day, it is able to get an average of 90,000 views. This results in estimated revenue of around $140 per day, which accumulates to $52,000 a year. So with all these income, Hodgetwins’ net worth is increasing day by day.

Caption: Hodge Twins popular comedy video “Standup Comedy Tour Hits Austin Texas”

Hodgetwins wealth does not come from YouTube channels only, but they also have an online shopping store where they sell goods such as hoodies protein powder supplements, branded t-shirts, and wristbands which earn them more money.

Kevin and Keith are now taking their “twin thing” to a different point by pursuing television and film projects. They believe they have something unique to offer this new audience. They are now not two of the best-kept secrets in the entertainment industry. They are twin stars on the rise.

before fame as YouTubers

Before they became online entrepreneurs, the two brothers tried different things to try making money.Keith served in the US Marines and worked in finance while Kevin uploaded comedy videos. Then they joined heads to create Hodgetwins YouTube Channel.

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