Fabian Cancellara Net Worth, Source of Income, Cars, House

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Biking is not as popular as football or basketball for example, but anyone who follows sports even a little bit, and watched a few races recently, must have heard of one person, Fabian Cancellara. One of the best cyclists of all time in the time trial races as his nickname is, Spartacus. Here’s a look at Fabian Cancellara’s net worth, sources of income and career.

What is Fabian Cancellara net worth?

Sixteen-year successful career has brought a lot of medals, and consequently the sponsors and all that goes with it. And someone with such a rich career cannot be without money unless he had gone on a ‘wrong path’. The cyclist didn’t go that way considering Fabian Cancellara’s net worth is roughly the figure of about $25 million USD which is not bad for a sport that is not at the top of popularity.

The main sources of income are what brought him fame, biking. Each track won at Tour de France brings an impressive amount of money. Annually, Fabian had earnings of about $ 2 million. Rich countries such as Switzerland, where Fabian is from, richly rewards their Olympians who win a medal, and he won a silver medal at the Olympics in Beijing 2008. Somewhere you can even read that Fabian has a wealth of hundreds of millions, yachts, private aircraft, but these are stories that do not even remotely resemble the truth.

Fabian Cancellara House, cars

If you ask me what kind of bikes has Fabian, there would be a lot to say because he has a nice collection, but what kind of car is driven by a man who is a lover of bikes, it’s hard to tell. Because he is not a person who is exposed a lot in public and doesn’t live life to rascally, that’s why Fabian has 2 cars worth about 100.000 USD average.

Fabian’s home is located on the outskirts of Bern, surrounded by nature. Besides the size of the villa, the property stands out with some more things. His basement is a museum for bikes and only those that are currently used. Bicycles from his competitions are located in a Museum in Bern.

Some of these bicycles are worth more than the car he is driving. Also, the house has its own wine collection, which is really impressive. His favorite French wine is grand-curs. His most valuable bottle is n from 1994 Château Lafite Rothschild. Most of the wine is still Italian. It is estimated that the house is worth about $ 5 million, but it is not exactly a reliable figure.

Fabian Cancellara net worth by years (2014 – 2019)

Fabian has ceased to engage in professional cycling last year because he had begun having numerous injuries and he withdrew. His last 4 years have brought him only a year and a half how much solid form, and therefore earnings, which amounted to about $ 2 million annually from hundreds of competitions and hundreds of sponsorship contracts.

With various sports brands. Now he has a collection of bicycles for training where they will become the future hope of biking, and thus increase his bank balance.

2014 $18 million
2015 $20 million
2016  $25 million
2019 $25 Million

Fabian Cancellara wife, married life, and kids

Apart from being a professional cyclist for most of his life, Fabian Cancellara is also a family man. He exchanged his vows with Stefanie in 2006 who has never left his side. That same year, the couple brought forth their first daughter and called her Giuliana. She was later followed by her younger sibling named Elina, born on July 13th, 2012.

Currently, the family lives a quiet life up in their family home in Berne, Switzerland with zero controversial cheating allegations.

Fabian Cancellara rich lifestyle

Fabian didn’t expose himself too much, not even when he was at the height of his fame, and now he rarely makes a public appearance. In 2010 he was accused of cheating on the track by Davide Cassani as he allegedly had a built-in motor of 100 Watts, but those charges were dropped and never proven.

This is the only moment in his life when he was in constant tabloid attention, but it never wavered nor disrupts his good image. After withdrawal from biking, as he says, he prefers to enjoy with family and friends in the family home. He is not a fan of going out at night nor visiting the restaurants so you cannot see him in public.

Fabian Cancellara Age, Family, Wiki-Bio and other Facts

When you want to describe in detail Fabian it would take a long time because he has an impressive career behind him. Born in Switzerland in Wohlen near Bern, 18.03.1981, Cycling has been in his life since he was 13 years. Cancellara’s professional career began in 2000 and lasted for 16 years since the last year retired cause of frequent injuries.

He was second at the Beijing Olympics, a lot of times he was in the Tour de France where he was the winner of stage 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. The first tournament he won in 2006 on the track of Paris-Roubaix, and it was only the beginning of his success.

We can only hope that one day, Fabian creates some new champions in cycling, if he plans to engage in coaching. I hope he will listen because fans of cycling anxiously await that moment.

Quick Facts

Name Fabian Cancellara
Profession professional cyclist
Wife Stefanie Cancellara
Age 38
Birthdate March 18th, 1981

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