Terry Crews Net Worth 2019: Married life with Wife Rebecca King-Crews.

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Terry Crews is an American comedian and former NFL player. He got our attention on sitcoms like Everybody Hates Chris and the trilogy, The Expendables. His quip to switch from comedy to a serious and demanding role makes him worthwhile a great actor. Here’s a look at his Terry Crew Net Worth in 2019. Also, get to know more about his wife Rebecca King-Crews and luxurious lifestyle.

Terry Crews Net worth 2019: $25 Million

Terry’s 2017 movies are “Where is the money,” “Sandy Wexler.” He was also cast in the postproduction 2018 movie “Sorry to bother you.” As for his TV series career, he’s best known for “Everybody Hates Chris” “Brooklyn Nine-nine” for which he won a Golden Globe award.

The estimated Terry Crews Net Worth is $25 million. He’s earned this significant number by acting in movies, TV sitcoms. He’s been on about 45 movies in roles that are active and Comedy oriented. Most famous are “The Expendables 2 and 3″ as Hale Caesar. And who watched “White Chicks” without LOLing on Terry’s Scene dancing to A Thousand Miles. He’s also been on the comedy classic “BridesMaids.”

He’s the host of several TV shows like 2017 “Ultimate Beast Master.” He is also having a career in the design industry he has a design house called “Amen&Amen” which he started with fashion designer Nana Boateng, his stylist.

The house released a rainbow-hued, glass, and marble of Tables, seating and lighting collection at the Milan furniture fair. The group received excellent feedback.

Terry Crews Net Worth till 2018 is $25 Million
Terry Crews Net Worth till 2018 is $25 Million

Married life with Wife Rebecca King-Crews.

Terry Crews is married. His wife is Rebecca King-Crews, an American actress, singer, songwriter, and executive producer of the reality TV show “The Family Crews.” The couple has been married since 1990. They have a big family of four girls and a boy: Azriel, Isaiah, Naomi Burton, Tera, Winfrey.

Terry Crews with his wife Rebecca King Crews
Terry Crews with his wife, Rebecca King-Crews

Terry Crews Rich lifestyle:

You can tell from his physique that he’s a gymaholic. $25 Million Net Worth doesn’t come easy. Crews sure spend most of his time focused in his career but still, he manages to spend a few hours lifting four times a week.

Moreover, he runs –angry- as he describes for four miles on the treadmill after the lifting session. Terry is a design Buff. He majored in art before football, so Painting is his thing.

Crews also like reading and writing he released his autobiography: Manhood: how to be a better man or live with one. In which he made a detailed declaration of his Pornography addiction.

He explained how deep it affected his marriage and life in whole. He went to rehab to overcome his addiction, which finally paid off in 2010. Now he’s having an active role in speaking out and raising awareness about the condition.

Terry Crews Car and Houses:

Terry Crew’s Net Worth is $25 Million, and he sure has bought himself a luxury house and fast cars. The former family house was in Pasadena, California. He also has a loft in downtown LA where he spends some of his best time. He describes this place as “the place I’m 100% inspired”. It has a view of the city. It has a lot of Terry’s art touches and obsession with Star Wars shown in the dĂ©cor.

Terry Crews Age, Family, Early life and Wiki-Bio

Terry Alan Crews was born to mother Patricia and Father Terry Crews, Sr. in Flint, Michigan on July 30th, 1968. His mother did all the job of raising him as his father was an abusive alcoholic. He went to Flint Southwestern high school and got his diploma.

Later he received a Chrysler sponsored scholarship to the Interlochen Center for the arts. It was followed by another scholarship for football at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Earlier in the days, Terry painted portraits of his football teammates to support his family.

Now he is living happily with his wife, Rebecca King-Crews.

Quick Facts

Name Terry Alan Crews
Net worth $25 million
Profession Actor, Comedian, Former NFL player
Spouse Rebecca Crews
Age 51
Birthdate July 30th, 1968

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