Street Outlaws Cast Net Worth And Salary

In the world of Oklahoma City racing, you are nothing if you are not on the list of people who have what it takes to be number one. Among various TV shows that display the ruthless car driving races, Street Outlaws is one of them. You might not believe but the cast of this show are rich. How do we know? You’ll know too after looking at Street Outlaws’ cast Net Worth.

In this article, we will examine the different cast and their net worth, including a short wiki bio.

Street Out Laws Big Chief Net Worth

Justin Shearer also known as Big Chief was born on December 9, 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky. He developed an interest in racing right from when he was young.

At 12, Shearer moved to Oklahoma City with his family. There, he got involved with racing. The first car he drove was Big Chief’s dream car. Shearer passion didn’t fade as he has made a name in when it comes to racing. He is married to his longtime girlfriend; Alicia and they have two sons.

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief Net worth

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief Net worth is $2 Million

Justin Shearer’s net worth is estimated to be $2.0 million dollars. It equally believed that as the show continues to reach a new audience, his net worth will surely increase.

Street Out Laws Cast Daddy Dave Net Worth

Daddy Dave is a known car racer in the street of Oklahoma and best known because of his show called Street Outlaws.

He was born on April 4th, 1973 in Oklahoma. Dave started driving his parent’s car at the age of 16, from where he developed his racing interest.

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Dave became popular having featured with Justin Shearer. He is married to Cassie after a long date

Daddy Dave from Street out's Net Worth

Daddy Dave from Street out’s Net Worth is $900,000

Daddy Dave is estimated to have a net worth of $900,000 dollars. His net worth source is from his TV appearance and his car race.

Murder Nova Net Worth

Shawn Ellington also known as Murder Nova is one of the Discovery Channel TV show Street Outlaws. Born on November 15, 1977, in Merced, California, USA. He is a reality star and is married with a son named Aiden Ellington.

Ellington is estimated to have a net worth of $700,000 dollars. The source of his net worth is from his television appearance and his car racing profession.

Murder Nova's Net Worth

Murder Nova’s Net Worth is $700,000

Street Out Laws Cast Dominator Net Worth

Joe Woods aka Dominator is known for his appearance on the popular TV series Street Outlaws.

Joe woods has a lot of fans and over 1.5 million followers on Facebook. Joe got his first car 56’ Chevy at the age of 13.

Dominator has been racing for a long time both on the tack and on the street. He belongs currently to the top 5n racers in the series.

Joe-Woods Aka Dominator from street Out's Net Worth

Joe-Woods Aka Dominator from street Out’s Net Worth is $500,000

Joe is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 dollars, and his net worth is from his reality TV show

He also sells some T-shirts on his website which contributes to his net worth.

Monza Net Worth

Jerry Johnston aka Monza is a cast member of the Street Outlaws. He features in the series with his black Chevrolet Camaro.

Jerry got the nickname Monza a legend among street racers. Monza drives a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport which he calls ‘’Sinister Split Bumper. His vehicle is heavily modified and occasionally made it to the top position because the car has a big Block engine with 598 cubic inches.

Jerry is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 dollars.

Jerry Johnston aka Monza's Net Worth

Jerry Johnston aka Monza’s Net Worth is $500,000

Chuck Net Worth

Chuck Seitsinger became one of the popular stars on the TV series Street Outlaws. With his 1989 Ford fox body Mustang called ‘’Death Trap”, that has 429 cubic inches small block Chevy engine supercharged with twin turbo is one of the fastest small cars around. He has a wife and two daughters.

Street Outlaw’s Chuck net worth is estimated to be $650,000.

Chuck Seitsinger's Net Worth

Chuck Seitsinger’s Net Worth is $650,000

Farmtruck Net Worth

Sean Whitely aka Farmtruck is an American reality TV star who has appeared in the Discovery channel TV series Street Outlaws. He is known for his C-10 Chevy Pickup Truck which has been greatly modified on the inside.

Farmtruck got interested in trucks when he rode in his father’s 1956 Ford pickup at 12.

Farmtruck is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

Sean Whitely aka Farmtruck's Net Worth

Sean Whitely aka Farmtruck’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Street Outlaws AZN Net Worth

Jeff Bonnett also known as AZN is one of the cast members on the Discovery Channel’s reality series Street Outlaws. He is Sean Whitley’s sidekick and recently started customizing his own incredible vehicle, an old VW Beetle called The Dung Beetle. Jeff bought an old VW Beetle which was in a bad condition and decided to turn it into a racing dragon.

Street Outlaw’s AZN is estimated to have a net worth of $350, 000 dollars.

Jeff Bonnett A.K.A AZN's Net Worth

Jeff Bonnett A.K.A AZN’s Net Worth is $350K

Kamikaze Net Worth

Kamikaze Chris is a TV personality who featured in the Discovery Channel Street Outlaws. He drives The Elco, a 1980 El Camino on the show.

The car is powered by a big block V8 Chevy engine. He owns a website where he promotes himself and has large followership on the social media.

Kamikaze is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000.

Kamikaze's Net Worth

Kamikaze’s Net Worth is $500,000

Doc Net Worth

James Love is also known as Doc is a popular racer on the reality TV series. He has won many races with his 1970 vintage Chevrolet Monte Carlo. James calls his car ‘’ The Street Beast’’. It is big block engine with 706 cubic inches.

James Love a.k.a Doc's Net Worth

James Love a.k.a Doc’s Net Worth is $550,000

Street Outlaws’ James Net worth is estimated to $550,000.

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