Storage Wars Cast Net Worth and Salary.

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Storage Wars is an American reality Tv series on the A&E Network that premiered on 1st December 2010. The media equally stylize it as ‘’Storage War$.” The Tv show centres on professional buyers who visit storage facilities around the state and bid on these lockers. When rents are not paid on a storage locker for 3 months in California, what is contained in the locker can be sold by an auctioneer as a single lot of items and the form is usually on a cash-only auction. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Storage Wars individual cast net worth.

Storage Wars Cast Brandi Passante Net worth

Brandi Passante net worth estimations reach $2 million in 2019. Brandi had appeared on several Tv shows and it was said that Brandi and the husband own a Tv series called ‘’Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. Reports have it that she earns about $12,000 per episode.

Storage Wars Cast Brandi Passante's Net Worth is $2 Million
Storage Wars Cast Brandi Passante’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Laura Dotson Net worth

Laura Dotson is a businesswoman as well as a Tv personality in the American Tv series. Laura’s estimated net worth falls at $4.5 million and she earns a monthly income of $41,000.

Caption:- Storage Wars Cast Laura Dotson's Net Worth is $4.5 Million
Storage Wars Cast Laura Dotson’s Net Worth is $4.5 Million

Jarrod Schulz Net worth

Schulz is part of the Storage Wars Tv series and the husband of Brandi Passante. Jarrod has a net worth of $1.5 million. Jarrod monthly income is $58, 000.

Caption:- Storage Wars Cast Jarrod Schulz's Net Worth is $1.5 Million
Storage Wars Cast Jarrod Schulz’s Net Worth is $1.5 Million

Darrell Sheets Net Worth

Darrell Sheets are known for the A&E show. Sources point out that Darrell Sheets has a net worth of $4.5 million and garners a monthly income of $25,000.

Darrell Sheets's NEt Worth is $4.5 Million
Darrell Sheets’s Net Worth is $4.5 Million

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

The reality star came into the limelight following his appearance on the A&E American tv series first premiered in 2010. Ivy Calvin’s estimated net worth falls nothing short of $1.5 million with a monthly income of $25,000.


Brandon Sheets Net Worth

In 2019, Brandon Sheets estimated net worth lies at $400,000. Brandon appeared on the A&E American Tv series and there are no available records as to what his salary could be. He lives a private life and as such, we wouldn’t want to dabble in his private life.

Brandon Sheets's Net Worth is $400,000
Brandon Sheets Net Worth is $400,000

Thom Beers Net Worth

Beers is an American reality Tv star, producer and a voice-over artist with a net worth of $20 million. Thom gets an annual salary of $1.5 million.

Thom Beers Net worth $20 milllion

Storage Wars Cas Mary Padian Net Worth 

Mary Padian is famous antique restorer and lives in the U.S.A. Mary has a total Net Worth of $600,000 as reported by Forbes in 2017. Details about her salary are unknown.

Cas Mary Padian's Net Worth is $600'000
Cas Mary Padian’s Net Worth is $600’000

Emily Wears Net Worth

There is no information about the net worth and salary of Mary Wears as she is the latest to be added to the A&E Tv series to season 10.

Emily Wears Net Worth is Unknown
Emily Wears Net Worth is Unknown

Nabila Haniss Net Worth

Hanis is an American Tv star and an entrepreneur who has an estimated net worth of $10.5 million with a monthly income of $58,000.

Nabila Hamiss Net worth is $10.5 Million

Dave Hester Net Worth

Hester is a professional auctioneer as well as a TV personality. Dave Hester has an estimated net worth of $3 million with a monthly income of $25,000.

Dave Hester Net worth $3 million

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Lastly, Barry appeared on the reality Tv show, Storage Wars as well as a music executive. He has a net worth of $10 million with a monthly income of $47,500. He is one of the main cast of the show.

Barry Weiss's Net Worth is $10 Million
Barry Weiss’s Net Worth is $10 Million

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