Pawn Stars Cast Rick Harrison Net Worth and Salary.

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Rick Harrison is an American business mogul and a television personality. He has appeared in the television series Pawn Stars with his father and his sons. He alongside his father Richard Benjamin Harrison, aka The Old Man are the owners of the largest Pawn Shop in the world which has been featured on the reality television show Pawn Stars. Check out how much Rick Harrison Net Worth is. Also, see what other sources of income he has other than the TV show.

Rick Harrison Net Worth and Salary details.

Rick Harrison is a rich guy. His wealth standards are undoubtedly one of the best. In the show, Pawn Stars, he is the biggest shareholder, and hence his pay is more than the rest of the case.

He is highly paid for the show given that he is the one who came up with the idea. Rick Harrison net worth, in general, is approximately $8 million. His net worth is subject to increment, given that he is still active in the show.

Rick Harrison's Net Worth is $13 Million
Caption:- Rick Harrison’s Net Worth is $13 Million

The salary of Rick Harison in the show is quite good. He has appeared in all the 15 episodes of the pawn stars. In every season, Rick earns an average salary of $30000 per season. Given the many numbers of seasons he has appeared in, we can typically guess that he is making a lot of cash from the reality show.

This Pawn Star cast does not depend on one source of income. He is a dedicated businessman having been in business since the 1980s. Rick dropped out of high school to sell some fake Gucci bags. So apart from his appearance in the pawn stars, Rick also makes a lot of money from his business in the pawnshop. From his massive investments, the reality star is making close to $40000 salary per year.

Rick Harrison House and Cars.

Rick Harrison lives in a posh house. His lifestyle is unmatched. He owns a large house in Las Vegas. The house is a great lot with an ample parking space and a big compound. It has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and stands in a 54-acre square piece of land.

It is alleged that Rick Harrison purchased the house in 1998 with $85000, but the house, owing to the increase in the cost of living is now is worth over $500000. Not bad for someone with $18 Million Net Worth.

Rick Harrison's have lots of Luxury cars
Rick Harrison’s have lots of Luxury cars

Apart from his posh house in LasVegas, Rick also owns a fleet of very expensive guzzlers. He is a man who does not shy away from showing off his wealth from the type of cars that he drives. His vehicles are just incredible.

Rick Harrison, Career.

Rick Harrison has always had a taste for business.  He dropped out of high school to venture into a company that he was making $2000 per week. In 1989 with his father they started the Pawn Shop in Las Vegas which has developed to be one of its kind in the World. He has won many coveted prizes for his role in the shop as a pawnbroker.

Harrison had been pitching the idea of appearing on television for many years before finally making debut in the Pawn Stars. He eventually made a success when he and other producers launched the Pawn Stars television show in 2009. The show was widely received and became the highest-rated show in 2011. This has earned him a name in the entertainment industry.

Rick Harrison Age, Family, Early life and Wiki Bio.

Rick Harrison was born on 22nd March 1965. His father was a war veteran named Richard Benjamin Harrison. Harrison dropped out of school to pursue business, and in 1989 he made a breakthrough with his father by opening the Pawn in Las Vegas.  He has done so well in business and reality television show.

Richard Harrison is married. He got married to his girlfriend when she was only 17 when she became pregnant. In 1983, the two separated and Richard took care of the children. He married his second wife Tracy and had one son with her. Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Net Worth is $18  million.

Quick Facts

Name Rick Harrison
Net worth $13 million
Profession Reality Star
Spouse Tracy Harrison
Age 54
Birthdate March 22nd, 1965


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