Nate Diaz Net Worth, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, House, Cars, Body Measurements, and Lifestyle

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Nathan Donald Diaz commonly known as “Nate Diaz” for short was born in the year 1985 on the 16th of April. He is a mixed martial arts fighter by profession and competes in lightweight division; he gained immense popularity after winning the title of “the ultimate fighter 5”. Nate is the younger brother of a well-known sportsperson Nick Diaz, who was Strikeforce champion of welterweight and WEC champion of welterweight. Before signing with Ultimate fighter championship, Nate competed in Pancrase, strike force as well as cage fighting. Nate Diaz rankings in the ultimate fighter championship, he secured a ninth position in official final fighter championship rankings under the lightweight category. Keep on reading to know about his personal life, body measurement net worth and other facts.

Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Nate Diaz his full name is Nathan Donald Diaz. His reach is seventy-seven in one ninety-six centimeters. He fights in the welterweight and lightweight category. Some of his famous victories are against players like Donald Cerrone, Takanori Gomi, Gray Maynard, and Conor McGregor. He also shares a record of having a maximum number of bonus awards in Ultimate Fighter Championship with Joe Lauzon.

Nate Diaz Networth

Nate Diaz Parents

Nate Diaz is the son of Melissa Diaz. He is of English and Mexican descent. He took birth in California US and done his schooling from Tokay High School. He started practicing martial arts and got serious about the sport along with his brother Nick Diaz.

Nate Diaz Relationship Status: Girlfriend

When you are in fighting sports, you are obliged to have a fit and muscular physical appearance, and with such an attractive physique you could not resist popularity among girls. In the year 2018 0n 20th of June an announcement was made in which it was confirmed that Nate’s girlfriend gave birth to his daughter.

Nate Diaz Net worth, Salary, and Source of income

Nate Diaz is famous for his incredible fighting skills in different mixed martial arts sports events. He makes money from the matches in which he fights, and along with that he also endorses some famous brands. His estimated net worth lies somewhere around 5 million dollars; after he won against Connor McGregor, he made 500,000 US dollars. He made this great net worth by being a professional player of fighting sports and having some the great fights. His won the ultimate fighter’s fifth season, and this made him a star overnight. Talking about his career, he has fought in twenty-nine competitions and won nineteen of them with glory and lost in ten of them

House and Cars in Nate Diaz net worth

Having a net worth of about five million US dollars is a vast fortune, and this ultimately leads to a standard of living or a lavish lifestyle to be more specific. His garage includes cars like Tahoe LTZ SUV, that is accompanied by a sports car along with Jeep Cherokee. These luxurious cars are placed in the garage of a grand house that is situated in Stockton and is worth of 4.3 million US dollars.

Nate Diaz Body measurement | Height and Weight 

Nate Diaz is a fighter of the lightweight category, and it is quite essential to maintain physical appearance according to that particular category. However, Nate doesn’t fail to do so, and therefore his weight is about seventy-seven kg that stands up to 170 lb, and his height is 6 ft that stands about 1.83 meters.

How old is Nate Diaz? His age, birthdate and birthday

Nate was born on the 16th of April in the year 1985 and Nate Diaz current age is about thirty-three. Every year on April 16 Nate celebrates his birthday with close friends and family members. He had a southpaw stance and known for his fighting style that includes the beautiful mixture of Jiu-Jitsu of Brazil as well as boxing. His success in the sport could be quickly figured out with his victories and his lifestyle with his net worth.

Nate Diaz Short wiki

Nate Diaz

Nate is not only blessed with a vast fortune and net worth, but he also has a supporting elder brother who is also a sportsperson like him and that too in the same field. Both of them are in favor of cannabis and advocates for them. They also run a school that trains aspiring people in fighting sports in California; the school focuses on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Nate is a vegan (people who follow veganism which means abstaining use of animals especially in diet) since 2005.

Celebrity full name Nathan Donald Diaz
Date of birth 16th of April 1985
Age 33
Birthplace California US
Nationality American
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Net worth 5 million US dollars
Salary N/A

Body measurements and family details

Height 6 ft that means 1.83 m
Weight 170 lb that means 77 kg
Wife/spouse Girlfriend
Parents and Children Melissa Diaz and a daughter

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