Momma Dee Net Worth, Age, How Rich is Momma Dee in 2019?

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Deborah Bryant, famous by the name Momma Dee is an American singer, actress, and a television personality. Read further to know more about her Momma Dee’s net worth, career, family, personal life, and much more.


Momma Dee is an American singer, actress, and a television personality who bagged immense fame from her appearance in Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s since its very first season.

Her net worth as in the year 2019 approximates at around $250 thousand. She is also a former pimp, a drug peddler, and a nurse. Moreover, the reality star has also tried her luck in the modeling profession.

Image of TV Personality, Momma Dee net worth is $250,000
TV Personality, Momma Dee net worth is $250,000

For some time, she also opened up a catering business to take care of her children. Other sources include writing and her work as an author. However, Dee’s primary source of income comes from her singing career, acting, and the VH1 reality show appearances. She ran a brothel named Lady Dee for over ten years.

Momma Dee: Net Worth 2019 $250,000

After operating as a nurse and running a brothel named Lady Dee for ten years, Momma Dee finally decided to settle for acting and singing as her career options. Since the year 2012, Deborah has made regular appearances at the VH1 reality show named Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta along with her son Lil Scrappy. Furthermore, she came up with two singles to mark her presence in the American Music Industry- I Deserve and In That Order.

Image of Momma Dee from tv show, Love and Hip Hop
Momma Dee from the tv show, Love and Hip Hop

In the year 2016, she played the role of a pimp in the film The Products of the American Ghetto as well as the mother of the protagonist in Its spin-off LGBT series titled About Him. Momma Dee’s Net Worth is $250,000.

Momma Dee: House and Cars

Reportedly, the Love and Hip Hop star live in Georgia in the United States of America. The details about her house and automobiles are nowhere talked about.

Momma Dee: Family and Siblings

Born as Deborah Gaither, the details about the television personality’s parents are not mentioned anywhere. There is a mention of one of her cousin brothers who is a rapper named Jasiel Amon Robinson and is famous by the name Yung Joc. She also has three grandchildren. Reportedly, Momma had an abusive childhood, which was her step father’s gift to her.

Momma Dee: Relationship status and History

The reality TV star got married to Ernest Bryant in the year 1996 for the first time they both got divorced in the year 2014.

Image of Momma Dee with her husband Ernest Bryant
Momma Dee with her husband, Ernest Bryant

However, they remarried in the year 2015. The couple has two children, one daughter, and one son. The name of their daughter is Jasmine Brown, and the name of their son is Darryl Kevin Richardson (famous by the name Lil Scrappy) who was born on the 19th of January in the year 1984.

Momma Dee: Age and Birthdate

Momma Dee is a 55-year-old American woman who was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America on the 21st of September in the year 1963.


Momma Dee is an American singer, actress and a television personality whose net worth as in the year 2019 is $250 thousand approximately

 Quick facts 

Name Momma Dee (formal name-Deborah Gaither Bryant)
Age 55 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not mentioned
Birthdate 21st September 1963
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America
Height Not mentioned
Weight Not mentioned
Career Actress, singer and television personality
Net worth $ 250 thousand
Parents Names not mentioned
Siblings One cousin brother’s mention
Spouse Ernest Bryant
Children Two (one son and one daughter)

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