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Marcia Harvey is the first wife of the famous comedian and television star Steve Harley. She has three children. Twin girls and the youngest son. She got married in 1980, but the couple parted away in 1994. She is now a poet.

Learn more about Marcia Harvey’s husband, net worth, age, married life, children, and family.

Who is Marcia Harvey?

It is said that Marcia and Steve were in a love affair for a long time. The couple got married in 1980. They had their twin daughters in the year 1982 and their son in the year 1991. Steve Harvey left the family to pursue his dreams. The children didn’t know how to react and were always uncertain about their dad’s decision. Only after growing older they understood his decision and got to know him more personally.

In 2011, Marcia Harvey published her first poetry book “Marcia: Eyes to the soul.” This book is divided into three parts – Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Marcia loves writing and has published her compilation of poems. These poems tell about her life from her young age to present. Many say that the lyrics say about her experience with Steve and the love for him. Marcia has also done small business and has invested in many ventures and had owned a clothing line.

One of her daughters, Karli Harvey, got married to Benjamin Raymond in 2015. In 2016, Karli made her mother Marcia grandmother by giving birth to her first son. Steve Harvey got married to Mary Shackelford after Marcia divorced with him. Now it is said that Marcia has got married to Larry Greene, but it’s not confirmed also she keeps herself away from the social media.

Marcia Harvey Parents

Nothing much about Marcia Harvey is known. Most of her life history has been kept private. Few things about her life after marriage are known. Her childhood, parents and other personal details about her childhood days and early teens are not known. Getting married to Steve Harvey is a big thing. So, she must be from a well-settled family. One thing which is clear that she spent her days growing with her African – American family.

She has successfully concealed her early life from the media.

Relationship Status: Married to Steve Harvey and Divorced

In 1980, Marcia Harvey got married to the famous comedian and television artist Steve Harvey. It is said that Marcia and Steve started falling for each other when Steve felt leaving his insurance salesman to become a full-fledged comedian. Steve finally went his job which was disliked by Marcia.

Image of Marcia Harvey with her ex-husband Steve Harvey
Marcia Harvey with her ex-husband Steve Harvey

At that time, they had three children, a twin girl, and a young boy. Steve wanted to pursue his dreams, and thus he went on leaving back his family. The couple officially declared their separation in 1994. They got divorced in the year 1994. Later on, he went on to become a famous comedian in the field of entertainment. The couple has two daughters namely Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey, they also have a son namely Broderick Harvey Jr. Now Steve Harvey has become a famous comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author. He has come in some of the entertainments like “The Steve Harvey morning show,” “The Steve Harvey talk show,” “Family Feud,” “Little big shot” and he has also published a book named;

“Act like a Lady, Think like a man”

Now, Marcia Harvey is said to be married to Larry Greene.

Marcia Harvey Net Worth and Salary

It is said that she has not made much with selling her books and the few small businesses she had. She has kept everything private except her books.

Image of Marcia Harvey net worth is not available
Marcia Harvey net worth is not available

Her books are also not much talk. Reports say that she made a fortune from her previous marriage with Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey has a net worth of $40 million per year, and the total net worth is expected to be nearly $140 million.

House and Cars in Marcia Harvey net worth

Few reports say that she lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She might not have started her life very rich, but now she is living a luxurious experience. One of her daughters, Karli Harvey, got married to Benjamin Raymond in 2015, and this was an extravagant wedding. From this, we could know that she is leading a comfortable and luxurious life.

Marcia Harvey Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Marcia Harvey’s exact body measurement is not known but looking at her photos, she looks short and a bit stout.

How old is Marcia Harvey? Age, Birthday, Birth date

Marcia Harvey was born on 22nd January 1955 in the United States of America. She was taken to an African – American couple and spent her childhood with her African origin family. Marcia is now 63 years old. She holds the sun sign Aquarius and is very much to her traits.

Short Wiki bio

NAME Marcia Harvey
DATE OF BIRTH 22 January 1955
AGE 63 years
BIRTHPLACE United States of America
WIFE/ SPOUSE Steve Harvey (divorced), Larry Greene (maybe rumored)
CHILDREN Karli Harvey, Brandi Harvey. Broderick Harvey Jr.

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