Jon Jones Net Worth, Wife, Married, Daughters, Family, House, Cars, Age, and Body Measurements.

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In the year 2011, a twenty-three-year-old player emerged as a new sensation by winning the title of “Ultimate Fighting Championship” under the category of light heavyweight. He also made the record of being the youngest in the history of the championship; this is Jon Jones for you. Along with that, he holds some other files as well, and this makes one of the finest mixed martial artists across the globe. Having such immense success in a sport leads to a wholesome fortune. To know more about Jon Jones his net worth, relationship, etc. keep on reading.

Jonathan Dwight Jones, “Jon Jones” for short took birth in the year 1987 on 19th of July. He took birth in New York and was born and brought up as an American. He has an extensive active victory series in the history of the “Ultimate Fighting Championship.” Having the maximum number of submission wins, consecutive and tremendously successful defenses of his title, Jon became a very popular and hot favorite sportsperson. For a very long period, he was stable at the position of number one player of the championship by different media houses. Not only that he was also the number one Mixed Martial Arts player regarding pound for pound all across the Globe.

Jon Jones Parents

Jon Jones is the son of proud father Arthur Jones junior and mother Camille Jones. They both are respected by media as well as other people in the sports industry. Both of them have been supporting their all the three sons in becoming such a successful athlete.


Image of Jon Jones Parents
Jon Jones Parents (Father and Mother)

Yes, Jon’s brothers are also in fields of sports they both play football while he shines in the ring. Jon started wrestling during his high school days and was great in it. He became state champion during high school in New York, along with that he also played football, and there he got a nickname “bones” because of his body structure.

Jon Jones Relationship Status; Married to wife or Dating

Jones lives with his fiancée, and they together have three cute little daughters as well as Leah, Carmen, and Olivia. Leah came to Jon’s and Jessie‘s life in the year 2008, and the very next year Carmen took birth after that youngest Olivia was born in the year 2013. It is also said that Jon had one more daughter before Leah.

Image of Jon Jones with his wife Jessie Moses
Jon Jones with his wife, Jessie Moses

Jon Jones Net worth, Salary, and Source of Income

Being one of the greatest players in such a big fighting event is an excellent success for Jones, and with great success, a vast fortune is like a compliment. Jones net worth is about ten million US dollars.

Image of Jon Jones net worth is $10 million
Jon Jones net worth is $10 million

One more star added to Jones’s honor is the fact that Nike one of the best sports brands sponsors him and he was the first athlete in the field of mixed martial arts to get sponsorship by Nike. He won a document prize of net worth $3.69 millions which are quite significant in itself.

House and Cars in Jon Jones net worth

Jones owns a beautiful house that is worthy of five million US dollars, and along with that, he has some luxurious and sports cars. Having a beautiful family is not less than having such a big fortune. Luckily Jones has both the things.

Jon Jones Body Measurement | Height and Weight

Mixed martial art is a fighting sport and weight; body structures are also quite vital along with strength and skills. Therefore, Jon has an unusual physical appearance with the height of about one ninety-three cm that means six feet and four inches. He is a light heavyweight player that is the reason why his weight merely is two hundred and five lb that becomes ninety-three in kg.

How old is Jon Jones? Age, Birthdate and Birthday

Jon Jones birthday comes on 19th of July she was born in the year 1987 in Rochester, New York. Jon Jones current age is about thirty-one years. This fantastic player celebrates his birthday every year with close friends and family on the 19th of July. From the year 2008 to the present date and for many more years in future hoped by fans he will be fighting in mixed martial arts events.

Jon Jones Short Wiki

While pursuing his studies, Jon was focused on his sports and its skills from school to college he was involved in wrestling and won some titles at that level. After winning state and national level championships, he dropped from college and began his career.

Celebrity Full Name Jon Jones
Date of birth 19th of July, 1987
Age 31 years
New York
Nationality American
Profession Mixed Martial Art fighter
Net worth 10 million US dollars
Salary N/A

 Body Measurements and Family Details

Height 193 cm (6 ft 4 inches)
Weight 205 lb (93 kg)
Spouse Jessie
Parents and children Arthur Jones Jr. and Camille Jones

Daughters – Leah, Carmen, and Olivia

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