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Jonathan Keith Gosselin was born on April 1st, 1977 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S and now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. He is famous for his appearances with his wife, Kate Gosselin, on the reality TV show called ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ and thereafter became a TV personality, but besides this, he is also an IT analyst, Waiter, DJ, Stripper and owns a construction business. His mother is a second-generation Korean American and his father is said to be of Irish descent. Jon Gosselin’s net worth is no more than a few thousand dollars; so let’s start with that.

Jon Gosselin Net Worth, Sources of Income

Although he received a good amount of money per episode, his share was a very minute one due to the large expense of his 8 children and Kate’s share as well. Jon Gosselin’s net worth is said to be around $10 thousand.

Jon’s basic earning was through the TV show with his wife. He earned around $22,500 per episode and appeared in 108 episodes however his sextuplets and their expenses meant that not much was left for him. He also tried to start other business such as getting in the fashion line and starting his own TV show, but he wasn’t always successful.

Jon’s Houses and Cars

Jon once used to live in a $630,000 house but after his divorce with his wife, he moved to a simple and a rather small house in the woods, near the quiet rural area of Wernersville PA. He also owns a $30,000 BMW, M3 but is reported as trying to sell it and find a job in order to pay $25,000 per month for co-parenting his 8 kids. He was also once robbed when an intruder broke into his house while he was away. The total damage is said to be around $100,000. The intruder left a note, claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of Jon but the authorities have questioned the authenticity of the claim

Jon Gosselin Lifestyle

Jon now lives a rather simple and quiet life full of struggles. Reports have confirmed him working as a stripper, but besides this, he also works as an IT analyst. He is very keen to return to Television probably as a host. Gosselin is also struggling to find a job to meet his expenses. He is very much into the fashion world and always wear trendy outfits and according to what he is doing. As a DJ he would be seen in a funky, Hoodie style jacket. On a normal Sunday evening, one would see him in casual 3-quarter pants which pretty much sums up his fashion sense.

Jon Gosselin Age, Birthdate, Wiki-Bio

Jon Gosselin was born to a second-generation Korean-American mother and an Irish descent father in Pennsylvania. He attended the Wyomissing High School and graduated in 1995. He met Kate in 1997 during a company picnic and later got married in 1999.

They got the initial fame due to their sextuplets which gained media attention and featured on Discovery channel which paved the way in the TV industry. Their family was being the recorder for around 3-4 days a week.

In 2009, during their show, the two announced of their separation with Jon claiming that Kate filed for divorce.  In December of the same year, they finalized the divorce with Kate winning custody of the children and the family home. Moreover, in 2015 Jon moved on with Colleen Conrad while working for a green energy company installing solar panels.

Quick Facts

Name Jon Gosselin
Profession TV host, IT specialist
Girlfriend Colleen Conrad
Age 42
Birthdate April 1st, 1977


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