Joey Diaz Net Worth, Wife, Married, Children, House, Cars, Body Measurements, and Lifestyle.

Nicknamed “Mad Flavor” and “Coco,” this man has survived many crises in his personal life, right from his childhood till his marriage. He is Jose Antonio Diaz, or better known as Joey Diaz, born in Havana, Cuba. Professionally he is now a sought-after comedian and actor.

Once an addicted, this man in his teens discovered his talent of comedy. He exploited his talent and caught a million heart by beautiful performances of stand-up comedy. With a not-so-bad net worth of $500,000, Joey is in the long run for name and fame in acting and comedy.

Here we have a sneak-peek into his life and career.

Joey Diaz Parents

Joey Diaz birthday comes on February 19; he was born in the year 1963, in Havana, Cuba, as the only child of his parents. His family later relocated to North Bergen, New Jersey, the USA in the 1970s. His mother used to run a bar and had some games operation.

Image of Joey Diaz with her daughter

Joey Diaz with her daughter

Unfortunately, he lost his family early in his childhood. His father passed away when he was three years old and lost his mother at 16. Reckless by nature he always got into trouble, due to which he changed many homes later on. This was a time when Joey started being involved in drugs and crimes.

Joey life was filled with many ups and downs since childhood, but later he managed to make himself a successful man.

Joey Diaz Relationship status; Married to wife and Children

Joey married Terrie Diaz in 2009. They were blessed with a girl in 2013. Her name is Mercy.

Joey has been married once earlier and had a daughter. But that ended in divorce in 1991, where he lost his wife and daughter.

He was once addicted. Cocaine addiction is indeed a bad thing. After his cat died of accidental ingestion of drugs, he gave up all of this in 2007.

Joey Diaz Net worth, Salary, Source of Income

Coco has done many works to earn a living. He has worked as a doorman and car salesman. But he is now pursuing his career in comedy and acting. With an estimated net worth of $500,000, it seems like he has started the journey to rise in his profession and accumulate some more fortune.

Image of Joey Diaz net worth is $500,000

Joey Diaz net worth is $500,000

House and Cars in Joey Diaz net worth

Not much is known about Joey’s house and his car interest. He is known to have a simple living with his family, especially his beloved daughter. This comedian leads a healthy lifestyle but aims to achieve more in his career.

Joey Diaz Body Measurement | Height and Weight

Seen to be of larger body size, Joey has managed to lose some weight afterward. In the movie “The dog who saved Christmas” he appeared heavy and weighed almost 390 lbs. But later in the same year, 2009 he was seen with transformed body weight, i.e., 295 lbs, almost one hundred pounds less. Joey has a height of 5’10” (1.78 m).

How old is Joey Diaz? Birthday, Birthdate

Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz was born on 19 February 1963. Currently 51, Joey still dreams to be a renowned comedian and actor.

Joey Diaz Short Wiki

Joey had a rough childhood, especially after his mother died. He went to McKinley School, graduated from North Bergen High School in 1982. In school, he won a lot of awards in the performing arts. Yes, he had an interest in arts since his childhood. Talking about problems, he was a trouble-maker. Therefore he changed four homes as he used to get involved in many fights and criminal activities. Drug addiction dragged him to the worst point of his life. He has a stint of incarceration when he was charged with kidnapping. But he says the experience of jail encouraged him to pursue his career in comedy. Later he became a comedian, but he thanks his peers from his mischievous times for their great sense of humor, which he says influenced him very much.

He has given credit to almost 20 people, who took care of him in his difficult times, for his success in his career. Till now he keeps a good relationship with them.

Comedy exposed him to acting. He acted in roles in many television series like NYPD Blue, Law & Order; My Name is Earl, etc. Joey was in movies like Spider-Man-2, Taxi, The Longest Yard, etc.

With peace and happiness in his personal life, he is trying to put laughs on million faces with his comedy and wants to be an actor who is remembered by all.

Name Jose Antonio Diaz
Date to Birth 19 February 1963
Age 51
Birth Place Havana, Cuba
Nationality American
Profession Comedian, Actor
Net Worth $500,000
Salary Unknown
Height 5’10”
Weight 295 lbs
Spouse Terrie Diaz
Children One Daughter (Mercy)
Parents Not much known

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