DJ Paul Net Worth: Salary, Source Of Income, Cars, House. How rich is Dj Paul?

DJ Paul was born on January 12, 1975, in Memphis, Tennesse, US. He grew up with older brother  Lord, who has died from heart attack in December 2013. This was a hard point in Pauls life, because he and Lord were not just business partners but they very close, too. Dj Paul has a son, Nautica Beauregard, and fiancée, with whom he has relationship long time, but they still don’t marry.

Dj Paul Net Worth $15 million

Paul has some different sources of income to add up in his net worth. First, he is the successful American rapper.  His career started in the late 1980’s, and he was a DJ. But, a few years later he recorded some solo tapes, which were quite popular and gave confidence to Paulo to continue work in this Direction.

Dj Paul Net Worth is estimated to be $15 Million as of writing this article. As a result, Paul releases three albums. These albums were released with helping his half-brother, Lord Infamous. His solo career brought to his awards and population.

DJ Paul Net income is $15 Million net worth of the year

DJ Paul Net income is $15 Million

In the later 90’ he met Lucy J and after this meeting, Paul’s career went uphill. Paul, Lord, and Lucy created a hip-hop band Three 6 Mafia. Work in this brand was prosperous for all member of this band. They work hard and released huge hits. They recorded 40 singles,  29 albums. Their most well-known and successful songs are “Stay Fly,” “Doe Boy Fresh,” “Poppin My Collor,” “It’s hard out Here for Pimp.”

They took some awards, including the Academy Award for the best original song.

Music is the big part for earn money, but that is not the only source of income of his net worth. His other business project is such successful, too.

Dj Paul with Juicy owns fashion wear line called Dangerous/Skandulus.  He has own project on real estate market and his real estate agency is quite influential in this market. Also, the singer has own line spices “ DJ Paul BBQ”.

Sometimes he is as a producer, often, he is invited on different TV shows.  All this together made DJ Paule not just very popular  but and very rich, too

House, cars and other properties in Dj Paul net worth

Paul lives with his fiancée and son in a great house, which located Collierville, Tennessee, US ( $1.5 million) He, also, has a big home in Cordova, Tennessee ( $1,2 million). Borth house has a lot of places for his family and their guests. Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms have the modern style, swimming pools with big places for resting and barbecue are amazing.

Dj Paul with his luxury car

                                         Dj Paul with his luxury car

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh

Net worth by years

2013$ 3 million
2014$4,2 million
2015$ 3,2 million
2016$ 6 million
2017$ 5 million

Rich lifestyle

Dj Paul has lived most can only dream. But he spends huge time for this, and he says that he sleeps just 3-4 hours, because if he doesn’t work, he feels that he loose life. Also, sometimes he pays attention to less lucky people. He can give out designers clothes, luxury household items, pizza.

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