Counting Cars Net worth and Salary: See how much Counting Cars Cast makes.

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Counting Cars is a reality TV show, currently on the History Channel. They film it in Las Vegas and centers on the undertakings of automobile restoration and customization company called Count’s Custom. It’s owner, Danny Koker, naturally stars on the series alongside Scott Jones, Kelvin Mack, and Michael “Horny Mike” Henry. Others include Roli Szabo, Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Big Ryan, Harry “Grandpa” Rome Sr., Joseph “Doc” Duggan and George. That said, here’s the Counting Cars Cast net worth

Counting Cars Cast Net worth.

As aforementioned, Counting Cars is an American show centered on the restoration and customization of vehicles. To get their net worth we need to know the net worth and salary of each cast member of the show. So the estimated net worth of Counting cars is about $20 million and of which Counts  Kustom’s owner Danny Koker is expected to have $10 to $13 million.

Counting Car Cast Net Worth is $20 Million American Dollar
Counting Car Cast Net Worth is $20 Million.

Counting Cars Danny Koker Net Worth and Salary

Danny Koker is a reality tv personality and the owner of a car restoration company with an estimated $13 million net worth. He was born into an automotive oriented family since his family had worked for the Ford Motor Company for years.

He is a self-made millionaire and autodidact who learned his art from scratch alone with no body’s assistance. Apart from the income gotten from his company count Kustom founded in the 90s, he also receives a salary for being a cast in his reality show ‘Counting ars.’

Danny owns a bar-restaurant known as Count’s Vamp’d Rock and a tattoo parlor too. All these companies and ventures are the sources of his income and net worth.

Danny Koker's Net Worth is $13 Million
Danny Koker’s Net Worth is $13 Million

Kevin Scott Mack Net Worth and Salary per episode

He has been Danny’s right-hand man and comrade for about twenty years now. He is the current manager of Count Kustoms and goes out regularly accompanied by Danny to buy old cars. Mack’s son is a racing driver. He appeared on episode ‘Dream on’ of ‘Counting Cars.’

Kelvin Scott net worth estimation of $1 million mostly comes from his earnings as an employee of Counts Kustoms. His salary from the ‘Counting Cars’ show also plays a role as he is a significant cast alongside Danny Koker and the others. The amount he earns per episode of the show is undisclosed to the public.

Kevin Scott Mack's Net Worth is $1 Million American Dollar
Kevin Scott Mack’s Net Worth is $1 Million.

Roli Szabo Net Worth.

He is in charge of cleaning and polishing vehicles departing from Count’s Kustom. He is from Hungary, and the accent is what he uses to lure customers as count’s Kustom’s detailer.

Roli Szabo net worth of $200 000 enough to raise his small family. He receives the salary of $2,000 per episode form the show.

He earns a high amount as the cast member of the show and also makes as an employee of Count’s Kustoms. Before working at Count’s Kustoms, he has had other jobs such as being a personal assistant and bodyguard.

Roli Szabo's Net Worth is $200 Thousand American Dollar
Roli Szabo’s Net Worth is $200,000

Shannon Aikau net worth and Salary per episode

Aikau is the Bike shop manager and lead builder at Count’s Kustom. Danny employed him after Shannon impressed him by his technical know-how and engineering aptitudes.

He was born in Hawaii and is relative to late Hawaiian surf star Eddie Aikau a legend in this domain. Aiku alongside the other cast members earns both from the reality tv show ‘Counting Cars’ and as an employee of Count’s Kustoms. But his net worth never went to the public; no source gives estimates of his net worth.

Shannon Aikau's Net Worth is Yet Unknown
Shannon Aikau’s Net Worth is Yet Unknown

Ryan Evans Net worth and Salary per episode

He is the lead painter and airbrush artist at Count’s Kustoms. Sources have it that he schooled in Germany and so may speak German, and is Danny’s right-hand man when it comes to finishing projects conceptualized. Counting Cars Ryan Evans net worth holds strong between $1million to $6 million.

Ryan Evans's Net worth is $6 Million
Ryan Evans’s Net worth is $6 Million

Counting Cars Horny Mike net worth and Salary per episode

Horny Mike's Net Worth is $800 Thousand American Dollar
Horny Mike’s Net Worth is $800,000

The last but not the least cast of Counting Cars is Horny Mike with an estimated net worth of $800 000. His real name is Micheal Henry and some his income is from accessories he fabricates himself while a significant share is from the show and the earnings from the company.

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