Amanda Cerny Net Worth, Career, House, Cars

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Amanda¬† Cerny is gorgeous YouTube personality and content creator. She gains a lot of traction from her sketchy comedy videos with vine gurus like King Bach, Logan Paul and more. Even more so from her battles with other YouTube famed personalities such as Lele Pons. Here’s a summary of Amanda Cerny’s net worth, career, houses, cars, boyfriend, and wiki-bio

Amanda Cerny net worth, Sources of Income

The YouTuber built her career in 2010 as a model, but she acquired her wealth through YouTube channel. As we speak, Amanda Cerny’s net worth hit an all-time high of approximately $1 million.

She began as a model by appearing in the Playboy magazine. As a result, she was the Miss October model in 2011 but soon began to propagate training and a healthy diet. Moreover, she used her YouTube channel to reiterate her robust stand.

Soon after, the platform became her primary source of income, replacing her modeling career. Her channels have over 30 million views and 1.4 million followers because thousands of pictures are between 2- 5 USD, which brings her daily income of about 600 USD or about 16.000 per month. This figure includes sponsorship from various magazines and advertisements and is very popular on Twitter and Instagram.

House, cars and other properties

Although addicted to running, Amanda decided to afford a new car that she bought last year. It is a white Audi S5 Coupe which she purchased for around 65000 USD. Before he had in possession a black Audi so we can conclude that it was her favorite brand of car. And this is her only pet on four wheels.

Of course, you can see Amanda on a lot of pictures with different models of cars, but those pictures are only for commercial. Her current whereabouts are LA because last year she found herself in Hollywood. She lives in a house that could be priced at a couple hundred thousand US. In front of it is a beautiful garden, which has the following facilities for the training room, mini gym, whose integral part of inputs and tape running.

Amanda Cerny's Car
Amanda Cerny’s Car

Amanda Cerny boyfriend, relationship status

Despite what tabloids and many media outlets say about the model’s relationships, she has never confirmed any. Amanda’s beauty often gains her a lot of attention. Some fans even started a rumor that she allegedly hooked up with King Bach. However, that’s not true as he confirmed that they were nothing more than friends.

Regardless, Cerny has had only one boyfriend since 2017 named Johannes Bartl. He is also a YouTuber and mostly appears on her YouTube videos from time to time. The couple also goes on vacations and uploads about it on Instagram.

Amanda Cerny rich lifestyle

She began as a model, she appeared in Playboy, and like all the people who have appeared in this magazine were linked with Hugh Hefner. Amanda had a problem with that; she claimed that she had nothing to do with Hefner and went out of this world.

Making her YouTube channel, she started to propagate a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, training, and that holds to this day. Of course, Amanda has not ceased to be photographed for the magazine, but it was no longer the main goal in her life.

As a person who loves sports, is associated with many athletes, especially basketball Turkish club Fenerbahce, whose faithful fans and whose matches regularly visit whenever she is able. Her private life has never been much negatively exposed. To cut it short, Amanda Cerny is living the lifestyle of a millionaire because she has a million dollars in her net worth

Amanda Cerny Age, Birthdate, Early Life and Wiki-Bio

Amanda Cerny was born on June 26th, 1991 in Pittsburg, then moved to Florida, and now is in California in LA. At 18 years of young age, she began to address modeling after which she appeared in Playboy magazine. She quickly abandoned this life because of the negative comments about her and like all the girls who were photographed for the same. She was proclaimed Miss October 2011 year.

After that, she made her YouTube channel on which she still promotes training and a healthy diet. Her channels have millions of views and monitoring to her primary source of income. In 2016, she debuted in the film industry where she had a supporting role in a movie called The Bet. That’s why Amanda Cerny is very prominent in the basketball game the Turkish club Fenerbahce.

Quick Facts

Name Amanda Cerny
Profession YouTuber, Model
Boyfriend Johannes Bartl
Age 28
Birthdate June 26th, 1991


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