50 Cent Net Worth: His House, Cars and Rich Lifestyle.

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50 cent is a viral rapper, investor, and businessman in America.  He came to recognition due to Eminem and later signed the contract with Shady Records, Interscope Records, and Aftermath Entertainment. His first album “Guess who’s back?” was released in 2002. In 2005, he released his second album The Massacre. As an individual artist, he has sold nearly 30 million records to date. So after so much success, you must be interested to know about his 50 Cent’s net worth, his lifestyle, which car he is using. You can read this whole article to clarify all your doubts.

50 Cent Net worth, Sources of income

In the current scenario, 50 cent is the 3rd best rapper after Eminem and Nelly. According to Forbes, the estimated net worth of 50 Cent is $150 million. He is one of the wealthiest rappers in the hip-hop music industry. Till now from only music he has earned more than $100 million.

Besides that, 50 Cent is one of the most talented investors’ cum businessman. Earlier, he had invested in minority shares in Vitamin Water and was their celebrity spokesperson. In return, the company had featured “Formula 50” drinks in his name.

Later, Coca-cola acquired the company and raised the fund of 50 Cent 10 times more than he ever earned in his musical career. From the public source, it is come to know that 50 Cent sold his minority shares in Effen Vodka in July 2017, but the exact figure of the deal is not confirmed.

50 Cent Net Worth is $150 Million
50 Cent Net Worth is $150 Million

In addition to a musical career, 50 cent is also a master class investor cum businessman and actor. He has invested a lot in his own G-unit clothing industry.

He has also made an endorsement with brands like Reebok and Vitamin waters. From his endorsements, he gets the annual salary of $4 million.

The rapper has also invested in many real estates, liquor companies. He bought many shares of privately-owned companies. He also has a business in mining industries in South Africa. He also promotes his holding companies and boxing shows to add some parts to his net worth. 50 Cent also does acting in many TV shows and movies to add to his incomes.

50 Cent Houses and Cars

Once 50 Cent was the second wealthiest rapper after Jay z. He owned the house of $15 million in Farmington, Connecticut.

This house is spread over 50,000 square-feet having 50 rooms as well as a movie theatre, gaming room, saloon, etc. There are a lake and deep forest around his house. The legendary boxing star Mike Tyson formerly owned this house.

He is seen riding Lamborghini Murcielago and sometimes in Rolls-Royce Phantom cars.


50 Cent with his car and kid
50 Cent with his car and kid

He is one of the wealthiest artists in hip-hop music industries. He has the house with 50 rooms with sports rooms, game rooms, swimming pool and theatre for the guests. So from this, you can guess what luxurious lifestyle 50 Cent is living.

50 Cent Career highlight and Journey to Success

At the age of 12 years, 50 Cent was involved in drugs selling. He was also practising boxing in local gyms. The dawn of his musical career started when Eminem discovered him.

In 2005, The Massacre album was a big hit for him as it surpassed more than a million records selling. Later he was signed in Dr.Dre’sInterscoe Records album.

Da Shop, 21 Questions Straight to the bank, Ayo technology albums are some the biggest hit in industries. He is also an astute investor and producer.

The rapper is one time Grammy award winner, two times BET Award winner. He also won Billboard Music Award once and American music Award once.

50 Cent Girlfriend and Relationship History

On 13th October 1996, he had his son Marquise Jackson with his girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins. Then she sued 50 Cent with $50 million for not taking care of her for a whole life. But the charge was dismissed by the judge.

Later, he came in touch with model Daphne Joy. On 1st September 2012, they had his second son Sire Jackson. He was a supporter of former President George W. Bush. Currently, he managed to call a woman named Jamira Haines, a fitness instructor, his girlfriend. She is 20 years younger than him but is thriving as a personal trainer.

50 Cent, Age, Parents, Early life and Wiki-bio

50 Cent, original name Curtis James Jackson III was born in South Jamaica on July 6, 1975. His mother Sabrina was a Cocaine dealer. So he was involved in drugs selling at the age of 12. At the age of 11, he began practising boxing.

In 2007, Curtis Jackson was in the second in the list of the wealthiest rapper after Jay z by Forbes ranking. In 2008, he lost more than $7 million in the stock market.

On July 13, 2015, he filed for bankruptcy protection at the bankruptcy court in America with the debt of $32.5 million. Still, he managed to earn a net worth of $150 million till date according to Forbes.

Quick Facts

Name 50 Cent
Profession Rapper, record producer, musician
Girlfriend Jamira Haines
Age 44
Birthdate July 6th, 1975


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