Roger Cook ‘This Old House’ health update, cancer, limping, heart attack, injury, Parkinson

Originally posted on September 3, 2019 @ 4:20 am

The old house is a popular American reality television show that focuses on home improvement. It first premiered on February 20th, 1979 on the PBS Network, racking up well over 1000 episodes so far. At the helm over this show is the legendary Roger Cook. For his work on the show, Roger has even received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy award. However, this review will not center around his illustrious career on television, but rather his health. We will provide readers with Roger Cook’s health update, as well as review the reports of a possible heart attack and injury.

Health Update.

Fans of the popular reality star, Roger Cook, awoke to the shocking news that the star was suffering from various health-related issues. This came after the TV star penned an open letter to fans in 2018 in the month of June. Viewers and fans alike were anxious to know what was going on at the time.

Roger on his part, thanked the fans for their continued support but asked them to respect his privacy. The landscaper was only willing to divulge the fact that he was receiving good treatment, and the doctors were taking good care of him, and so his fans shouldn’t worry.

In regards to his work, Roger Cook has made limited appearances on the show as he continues to recover. So far, neither he nor the producers on his show have given any updates surrounding his health.

Image of Roger Cook from the TV reality show, This Old House
Roger Cook from the TV reality show, This Old House

Roger Cook Cancer.

Because of Roger Cook’s unwillingness to talk about his health issues, there has been a lot of speculation. One rumor doing rounds was that he was afflicted with a certain type of cancer. However, there are no reports or evidence to support this claim. This claim might have stemmed from the fact that Roger’s wife, Kathleen Cook, succumbed to cancer back in 2010. She was 56 years old at the time of her death. There is no credible evidence that Roger Cook has cancer as well.

Why is Roger Cook Limping?

In the later episodes of his reality show, eagle-eyed and observant views could spot Roger Cook moving about with a lot of difficulties. He was limping constantly, and this sparked concerns and talk that there was something wrong. Roger’s time on the show was also getting cut down. After a lot of speculation, he finally decided to clear the air with a letter to fans.

TOH Roger Cook Heart Attack

Due to his age, and reluctance to share any information, there has been speculation that Roger suffered from a heart attack. Of course, this was not confirmed as the reality star and his family remains quiet on the subject. Another possible cause of the rumor was that limping is a known side effect of artery disease. But again, this is just all speculation.

Roger Cook Injury

Another possible explanation that fans tried to come up with to justify his absence was a possible injury. This might have stemmed from the fact that he had trouble walking in some of the episodes on the show. Again, there is nothing concrete to back this claim- all fans had to go on is speculation. With his work in construction, injuries are something that might be a common occurrence. It could explain why some people think he might have gotten hurt on the show.

Roger Cook Parkinson’s disease

This condition is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects normal body movement. It progresses gradually, before completely ravaging the entire body. Some common symptoms can be slight tremors in the hand, or limbs stiffening up. A lot of people speculated that Roger Cook might have been suffering from a particular disease.

Image of TV personality, Roger Cook is suffering from Parkinson diseases
TV personality, Roger Cook is suffering from Parkinson diseases

This is because of the difficulty of movement that was evident in some of his appearances on the show. Fans tried to put two and two together and speculated that the cause of this might be down to the reality star suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Like all the rumors, however, this was just speculation with credible evidence. Roger and his family have chosen to remain tight-lipped on the matter and we should respect that.

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