Patrice Failor Net Worth 2019.

Patrice Failor is the wife of former FBI Director James Coney. Moreover, she is also an adoptive mother and an advocate for foster children in her community. Additionally, she’s had six children along with her husband, James Comey. To list them all; Maurene, Brien, Abby, Collin, Claire, and Kate Comey. However, she lost Collin due to some bacterial infection disease when he was just nine days old. She has worked at juvenile court and is an active social media user and activist. Get to learn more about Patrice Failor’s net worth, house, cars.


Patrice early life is not known. Failor has kept her personal life as private as she could. The only bit of information available on her childhood is that she was brought up in northern Virginia and Iowa. After completing her high school, she got herself enrolled at the William and Mary College, Virginia. Likewise, the mother of six completed her post-graduation in counseling from William and Mary College. From there, it’s all missing blanks.

Relationship Status: Married to her husband, James Comey, and Children

Patrice Failor met her husband in college. In her disposition, she says that they both fit in a cocktail party, whereas James Coney claims that they met when she suggested to him that he runs for the President in his dorm council.

Image of Patrice Failor with her husband James Comey

Patrice Failor with her husband, James Comey

A mutual friend made them sit and talk, and they had a chat for nearly 3 hours. At that time, James Comey fell deeply in love with her and felt very much attached to her. Shortly after, the couple married officially in the year 1987.  Ever since they are living happily for more than 30 years together. The duo has six children named Maurene, Brien, Abby, Collin, Claire, and Kate Comey. Sadly, they lost a 9-day old kid to a curable treatment.

Image of Patrice Failor with her husband and kids

Patrice Failor with her husband and kids

James Comey is an advocate by profession. Initially, he served as the 31st United States Deputy Attorney General, and the United States Attorney of New York, and the seventh Director of the FBI for four years until Donald Trump fired him in May 2017. Coney had to break his dinner date with his wife once to honor the invitation from Donald Trump, who invited him to share a meal. However, the father of six later regretted it as he felt that he could have a better time with his wife. This goes to show his love for his wife.

Patrice Failor Net worth? $11 Million

The exact net worth of Patrice Failor is $11 million this year. The lady is expected to earn well. The couple holds around USD 5 million in stocks, with investments in Hormel Foods, Exxon Mobile, Berkshire Hathaway, and few others.

Image of Patrice Failor net worth not available

Patrice Failor net worth not available

House and Cars in Patrice Failor net worth

Patrice has spent most of her life living in Virginia. She has also lived in Iowa. However, her exact place of residence is not known, but she is mostly seen in Virginia. A person with such abilities will inevitably lead to a well settled and affordable experience. Since her net worth is high enough, it is very much sure that she must be dwelling in a beautiful and comfortable house.

About her cars, nothing is known, probably due to security reasons. But, surely, she must own some high luxury vehicles.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight.

Looking at her pictures, Patrice seems short and fit. Her husband is very much taller than her. He is nearly 2.03m, and she is not equally as tall as him.

Though the lady isn’t very tall, she never ceases to catch attention with her simplicity and chaste. She is an epitome of elegance, and simplicity is the only keyword to define her. She has always presented herself as a calm and confident lady.

How old is Patrice Failor? Age, Birthday, Birthdate.

The childhood and other teenage details about Patrice are not known. She graduated from college in the year 1987. Looking at that we can say that she may be nearing her 60’s now. Being in the industry for such an extended period and concealing information like the birthday is a tough deal.

Some experts also say that she is a September born since her traits resemble a Virgo very much. However, nothing substantial is known about her age, birthdate, and parents

Quick Info

NAMEPatrice Failor
AGENearly 60’s
BIRTHPLACENorth Virginia
NET WORTH$11 Million
CHILDRENMaurene, Brien, Abby, Collin, Claire, and Kate Comey

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